Resolutions You Could Make For A New Year

List at least three resolutions and give us your fool-proof tips and tricks that will guarantee success this time around!

Chapter 1


Resolution 1: Eating Healthier

1.) Simplify- Think of your diet as by terms of colors, diversity, and how fresh the food is.

2.) Don’t Rush, Start slow- Make small steps first because if you make many changes at once it often leads to cheating.

3.) Keep Going-Once you get into the routine, keep adding more to make your diet healthy

4.) Remember-Every change you make to your diet is an improvement.

5.) Don’t Think Of Food As Off Limits-Banning foods only adds on to the desire of eating it, just reduce the size of the foods.

6.) Think Smaller Servings- You can do this by splitting a meal, eating appetizers, using smaller plates, eating fruits or vegetables if you weren’t satisfied with the meal.

7.) Eat With Others-It allows you to model healthy eating habits

8.) Listen to your body- Ask yourself if you are hungry, if you think you are trying drinking a glass of water just to make sure

9.) Eat Breakfast and Keep Eating Small Meals- It boosts her metabolism and keeps your energy up

10.) Don’t Eat at Night- Eating only when you’re active helps create a balanced weight.

11.) Greens, Sweet Vegetables, and Fruits- They are packed with vitamins and other minerals and fill the desire of sweets.

Resolution 2: Saving Money

1.) Switch to a bank that respects you- Don’t spend high fees on maintenance fees. You could earn some vital interests by switching as well.

2.) Turn of the TV. - How does this deal with it? By turning of the television, there is less guilt inducing ads and you spend more attention to life itself.

3.) Turn your eyes to your collections. - get rid of duplicates or items you no longer use to cut down. Also cut down spending on your hobbies. This should save you money

4.)Sign up for every free rewards program you can- you save money with the discounts or coupons you’ll receive

5.)Make gifts, don’t buy them-People say it’s the thought that counts right? Making homemade gifts also saves money with the addition of making the gift special because it’s from someone they care about.

6.) 30 day rule? Master it-If you are considering making a useless purchase, wait 30 days and see if you still want it. Often, the urge to buy it passes and you save your money.

7.) Write a list before spending, and stick with it-You’ll save a bundle if you make a tight list with only the necessities. Just make sure you stick with the list and don’t add anything you don’t need.

Resolution 3: Get Organized

1. Assigning- keep everything in tact by assigning living quarters to everything you own so you know where everything is.

2. Put Things Where You Can Find Them- It would make it easier for you to remember where they are. Example, put vitamins by glasses to remember you need to take them.

3. Remote Control- Keep it in a small basket on a table so it doesn’t slip into cushions.

4. Organize DVDs or CDs- take away racks, stands and boxes and say hello to storage wallets to organize what you have.

5. Waste Baskets- Kathy Waddill, author of “The Organizing Sourcebook: Nine Strategies for Simplifying Your Life”, suggests this. It limits the trash in your room and keeps everything cleaner.

6.Trash- Whenever you find something old that you don’t used or broken throw it away or give it charity. You won’t use it anymore so why keep it?

7. Write a Cleaning Routine-It makes you stay on track so nothing will get dirty for a long period of time.

8. Keep a Cedar Chest (or some sort of light weight basket)- you can throw in extra blankets and pillows so they won’t be laying around in the house and making everything over crowded or disorganized.


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