PLEASE READ ITS VERY IMPORTANT! (Unless You're Not Writing A Story With Me Or Don't Read My Stories)

blehbleh bleh

Chapter 1


Hey, it's Ester (Duh). My parents have decided to have an impromptu holiday out in the middle of nowhere so I won't be able to upload chapters for two weeks or so.

I know, I know. It's very sad. But, the silver lining is that I will have time to write chapters for stories that have basically been on hiatus (Such as I'd Never Thought It Would Be You, or Starkid: The Next Generation)

dodges rotten fruit HEY! I know your angry (Especially you, AwesomeOK1, you have every right to because of my previous absence and for that, my sincerest apologies) but it's not exactly my choice. My parents want to have family time to get closer (I really don't see the point. We live together, how much closer do they wanna get?) and if I whine about it, then mum goes into a full-blown rant about how we never do things together anymore.

So, on that note, wish me luck, may the odds ever be in my favor and see you on the other side.

Love you all,
Ester xoxoxo

P.S. If I'm in any of your group stories, skip me and come back to me later.



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