Group Story Idea for the Sooner than the Future~ Rd. Ch. 3


Chapter 3

Characters so far

Name: Adrienne
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Favorite Songs (no more than 4): On My Own (Les Mis), Diva's Lament (Spamolot), or Happily Ever After (Once Upon a Mattress)
Favorite Band: Green Day
Favorite Genre of Music: Musicals (I am still not sure if that is a genre or if there is one that those would fit under)
Personality: good leader, strict and keeps to herself when you first meet her, to her friends: she is someone who can get overly excited, sensitive, and has a low self asteem
Looks: Black hair with electric blue tips that goes just below her shoulders, fair skin, average height,
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano (warning, I am not that familiar with these terms. (soprano, mezzo soprano, alto, ect.))
Friend: Leah

Written by Marshmallowez (me!)


Name: Astrid Sparks. Goes by her last name though
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Favorite Songs: Firefly/Ed Sheeran, Radioactive/Imagine Dragons, Erase Me/ Kid Cudi,
Favorite Band: Gorillaz
Favorite Genre of Music: Hip Hop, R&B
Personality: friendly, honest, struggles with authority and often fights it, likes to help people in need, doesn't know how to pick her battles
Looks: long curly black hair, dark olive skin tone, 5'6", stormy blue eyes, bit girly
Vocal Range: soprano
Friends: other people in the story

Written by babykaygrl


Name: Leah
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Favorite Songs: Love Song (Sara Bareilles) This Side (Nickel Creek)
Favorite Band: Nickel Creek
Favorite Genre: Acoustic (I think this is a genre)
Personality: Competitive and a perfectionist
Looks: Brown hair with streaks dyed pink, green eyes
Vocal Range: Spinto Soprano
Friend: Elise

Written by PondFrog


Name: Ellie Munroe
Gender: F
Age: 16
Favorite Songs: Brick by Boring Brick (Paramore), Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter), Voldemort is Going Down (Starkid), Hannah (Freelance Whales)
Favorite Band: Freelance Whales (Only because Starkid isn't a band)
Favorite Genre of Music: Any
Personality: Very friendly, clumsy, can break out into song and dance at any given time
Looks: Light bown hair, tanned skin, 5'7", bright blue eyes
Vocal Range: Alto
Friends: Everyone else.

Written by Estahh


Name: Chelsea Kareson
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Favorite Songs: Catch my Breath (Kelly Clarkson), When She Cries (Britt Nicole)
Favorite Band: Nickelback
Favorite Genre of Music: Pop
Personality: Hyper, bubbly, friendly, mostly happy all of the time
Looks: Dirty blond hair tied in a side-ponytail and blue eyes with fair skin
Vocal Range: Mezzo
Friends: Everybody else

Written by hera1432


Name: Sarah Zhang (lol sorry, I'm asian so I make my characters asian XD)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Favorite Songs (no more than 4): A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Favorite Band: None
Favorite Genre of Music: Pop
Personality: Shy, easily intimidated. Very smart, but never talks to anyone, so nobody knows what her real personality is. When she gets close to someone, she opens up and talks so much the other person feels overwhelmed. Has about 3 very close friends. Extremely shy around guys.
Looks: Silky black hair that flows down to the small of her back, brown eyes that squint when she smiles. Glasses. Straight teeth, but since nobody sees her talk, no one notices. Slightly pale skin.
Vocal Range: Alto to Sorprano. Can reach Tenor if she strains.
Friends: Grace and Anna

Written by WinterSoul55


Name: Corey Watts
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Favourite Songs: Half-Blood Prince Theme (Harry Potter), Thundershock (AC/DC),You give love a bad name (Bon Jovi)
Favourite Band: Nickelback
Favourite Genre Of Music: Soft Rock
Personality: Sullen,warm-hearted,gullible,intelligent,frugal,open to anyone.
Looks: Short brown hair,olive skin (a tad pale), 5'7", tattoo of a microphone one his lower neck.
Vocal Range: Tenor
Friends: All Characters Included In This Story.

Written by Freakazoid2412


Male characters would be appreciated....

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