England x Reader

I know this fails~ XD; it's my first posted oneshot. What do you think of it?
'_' is you.
And yes-- this is way late for Christmas.. Or is it way earlyy ;)?

Chapter 1

Merry Christmas

by: Wonders
It was Christmas Eve. and England and sent everyone home, it was around 1:45 AM. Arthur sighs, running his fingers through his blond hair, he was doing a clean up-- as he knew he wouldn't feel right by going to sleep and leaving a mess down stairs... But he was a little sad; the Person he waned to see most hadn't shown up; You. You've been his close friend for about three years and a half. He had planned mostly everything for you, the last 20 minutes he played slow and deep songs meant specifically for you and him. Most importantly; during the last song, he had planned to tell your bubbly self how he felt.. 'I must have said something to upset her.' he thinks, the same thoughts reoccurring in his head, 'Did she have other plans?' 'Maybe she got caught in traffic.' 'Maybe she got in an accident. . .I should call her.'
he was just about to pick up his phone when a knock came from his door. He answered it, and allowed to the corners of his mouth the twitch a little. "Oh, i'm sorry, Arthur!" You apologize, "I would have called but a few hours earlier my friend tanked my phone in the stew I had planned to bring. and sadly I couldn't remember your phone number-- Hah-- after these years you'd think I'd remember your phone number!" You explain, talking rapidly, though England hung on to every word you said, he chuckled and pulled you into a hug, "You never were one to remember phone numbers and such, love." you hug back, your head dropping onto his shoulder. "and-- I had a Family breakdown than i'd rather get into within the week before New years." you continued on lightly. "It's quiet alright, your here now." he sighs. when the to of you pull apart, you, continues to hold that guilty glare. "I'm sorry again-- can I help you clean up?" you play with your fingers guiltily, "How about a dance instead? You do owe me one you know..." he smirks at you, holding a hand out, and you took it quickly, "Yes I believe I do." your guided to his living room, and he lets go of your hand only to put on a slow Christmas record song to play. You begin to dance in a small shuffle, exchange small talk and giggles. "___..." he says after a slightly well needed silence. "Yes, Arthur?" you hum dreamily, being swayed softly to the soft sound of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' by Luther Vandross. Arthur took a deep breath-- closing his eyes and holding you just a little tighter. "I--... I Love You..." he admits. You lifted your head from his shoulder, and stares into his Emerald orbs. "I Love You too, Arthur..." you smile when he smiles, a light blush on both of your cheeks. Arthur quickly leans down to kiss you, a little forceful but undeniably passionate and full of Love. Arthur pulls away, both of you let out a slight pant, and you rest your head back onto his shoulder, him pulling you closer than before, whispering in your ear. "Happy Christmas, Love."


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