This Is Why I'm Still On Quibblo.

Chapter 1

Damn chapter titles..

First off, this website is amazing, and so are some of the incredible people on here. Others are not so incredible. I'm not thinking of anyone in particular, I'm just saying..

Many times, I thought about deleting, and here are some reasons..

~ Quibblo is terribly bad for my health, I know that. No, I'm not kidding. I stay up late messaging people, and even later lying in bed thinking of new quiz ideas and story ideas.

~ Another reason is it's really addicting, and it almost scares me how much I go on here. I often use up my homework time on here, hand it in late, get yelled at by my teacher, etc.

~ A couple of my best friends on here have deleted, and it made me so very sad, I just thought it wasn't worth it on here anymore.

~ A different topic for a reason is all the fighting on here. It just seems so stupid and annoying to me. So many people are being complete biitches, hating on each other and making annoying stories like "please don't blame me for this" and "I'm so sorry about this" and "I'm deleting because (insert name here) is being so mean to me" and I'm just like guys, if you don't like each other, fine, just don't talk to her ever again, instead of spamming my inbox with weird stories I'm never going to read. Once again I say, this is not meant to offend anyone, I'm just stating the truth here.. Quibblo is an amazing site, but some girls.. and boys too.. just ruin it for everyone else. And that brings me to the reason why I'm still on this website:

The good people on here. Tara, Mia, Raven, Tiffany, Maddie, Annemarie, Megan, a couple others that I won't mention cause it'll take forever but you can find them all in here: Y'all are the reason I'm still here, for one reason and one reason only: You're the best friends ever, I I couldn't live without you :) And even though this sounds impossibly cheesy, love conquers all hate (usually) and you guys are proof of that. I would have left so long ago, but I would miss you all so much that I would go into depression or something..

And so, this has been rants on why I hate Quibblo, and reasons why I love it. Please don't spam this story with comments begging me not to delete, because I'm not going to. Just be aware, please, that irritating me is not the best way to make me stay, ok? And with that being said, farewell. ♥


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