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Just something for fun. Writers include but not limited to:
RaggedyDoctor(i.e. ''moi'')

I'm excited to see where this will go, since we have no idea what we're doing. Every bit is made up as we go along.

Chapter 1


by: x_Lupa_x
Wandering in the woods, I cursed my stupid cat for leading me out here. Maya purred loudly in my arms, and I glared down at her, then glanced around nervously, trying to figure out which way would lead home.

Every tree looked exactly the same! Especially now that the sunlight was beginning to fade. I groaned loudly, causing Maya to mew softly in my arms. I sighed and started walking, hoping I would at least come out somewhere near civilization, or at least a road. ''Anything'' would be better than this endless sea of brown and green.

I trudged on with my cat, wishing I'd thought to grab a jacket as the chilled November air began to really freeze me through. I shivered, drawing Maya closer in an attempt for warmth. She purred loudly, pressing her face against my neck.

"Yeah, ''now'' you're being nice," I grumbled, then shut up because my own voice was scarily loud in this frozen woodland. Then I got annoyed at myself. I mean, being spooked my own voice? Clearly I've been watching too many horror movies and cop shows.

''Pull it together, Kim,'' I told myself silently, and continued trudging. Maya was keeping the chill at bay, just barely. I continued walking, and as I did I found myself doing something I never did-praying.

I am not an overly religious person. In fact, I haven't gone to Church once in my life, and I didn't really have any particular beliefs about God or gods or goddesses or whatever. But, when you get scared and lost in the woods in November and it's getting dark, you might just do things out of character.

''Please,'' I begged in my head, ''please don't let me freeze and die out here. I'm only fifteen, I can't die yet. If you let me live, I...I don't know what I'll do, but I'll make sure my life isn't a waste. Please.''

I cast my eyes up through the bare branches to the sky, imagining my thoughts ascending up, up past that flock of birds flying south, through the clouds, and going all the way up, higher and higher until it reached some unknown deity who might just have pity on a poor girl lost in the woods for rescuing her cat.

I continued stumbling around, growing colder and colder, getting more and more scared as the light continued to fade around me. I began tripping more and more over tree roots, the cold easily getting in under my thin t-shirt and jeans, seeping through my skin and going all the way to my bones, making me shiver horribly.

The stars were coming out now. I couldn't remember the last time I'd wished on a star. Looking up now, they didn't seem so much like the beautiful, sparkling diamonds they were so often depicted as in stories and movies. As I shivered, helpless and lost, I thought of them more as cold spectators, watching from a distance without any desire to help.

Maya mewed again, pressing her face against my shoulder. I couldn't feel her warm little body anymore, and I was jealous of that little fur coat she had. She was probably toasty warm right now.

As I continued wandering, things began to go out of focus. I couldn't remember where I was going, or why it was so important I get there. I tripped again and fell to my knees, and didn't know why I should get back up. I almost lied down and just gave up-until I looked up and saw a bright yellow square.

A window.

I got up, clutching Maya to my abdomen,and sprinted through the trees despite not being able to feel my toes. Branches whipped at my face, stinging my cheeks, but I didn't care, I just stayed focused on the yellow square.

I stumbled free of the last of the trees, and found myself facing a gate. I slowed down now, breathing heavy, starting to regain some reason. Yes, it was a house, but I didn't know who was in there.

Then again...I had no idea where I was,and it was completely dark now. I didn't have many other options.

I marched up to the gate and pushed it open, slightly creeped out by the eerie ''cree-eak'' sound it make because it sounded disturbingly like a horror movie sound effect. I ignored that and marched up to the door.

''Last chance to run away, Kim,'' I thought. But I was cold, and lost, and I my arms were aching from carrying Maya. I took a deep breath and knocked, then waited, shivering, for fate to take its course.

And sincerely hoping whoever answered wouldn't be a serial killer.

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