A Random Story

Just something for fun. Writers include but not limited to:
RaggedyDoctor(i.e. ''moi'')

I'm excited to see where this will go, since we have no idea what we're doing. Every bit is made up as we go along.

Chapter 2

Not today

I had been focusing on my marvelous creation when I heard a faint knocking on my door. I jumped at the sound and listened intently. I decided to pass it off as the wind blowing against the house. All I needed to finish my masterpiece was blood from one more animal. I grumbled, thinking I could never finish. I had already used all the animals around here

"Hello? Is..uh...anyone there?" I heard a little voice whisper. As I rushed through the hallway I thought about who could find me, who would find the path that lead to my house. I froze. What if it was the police? Had they finally found me? I brushed away the thought and carefully continued walking until I reached the door.

I looked up, looking at the screen, I read the information it gave me about the curious traveler who was standing just behind the door. Height: 5"2', Weight: 98lb, Gender: Female
"Hm." I mumbled to myself. The screen depicted a girl with a cat. I flung open the door.
"Who must you be?" I looked down with a sinister look on my face. The girl looked at me with hopeful eyes until I realized, "Your a spy! Yes, YES, you are! You must leave immediately!" I slammed the door, "And stay out!" Worry flooded through me. She must of been bugged! What had she picked up? Ah clever, clever, little girl with a fat cat. Not suspicious at all. The screen showed the girl crying on the doorstep. Nope, not going to fall for it. After all I had to get back to my plan. I laughed inside my head. "No! Not today little bugger! Not today!"

Then the thought occurred to me. The traveler had a cat. Cat was an animal! I could use the cat blood to finish! Marvelous! Joy rushed inside of me. Finishing my creation meant I didn't have to worry about the police, I would be too powerful! Turning to the door I opened it again this time smiling. "Come in."
"Thank you!" She exclaimed.
"Well, don't get to excited. I have a lot in store for you...and your cat."

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