A Random Story

Just something for fun. Writers include but not limited to:
RaggedyDoctor(i.e. ''moi'')

I'm excited to see where this will go, since we have no idea what we're doing. Every bit is made up as we go along.

Chapter 5

One Word

by: x_Lupa_x
I woke up the next day and Maya wasn't on my pillow like usual. I frowned--she never left my pillow until I got up to feed her, and normally she was meowing at me by this time.

I heard banging downstairs. My frown deepened, and I felt my forehead creasing. Mom and dad were both on vacation, so I should be home alone.

A chill skittered down my spine--who was in my house, then? I grabbed my baseball bat from my closet and crept downstairs, being careful to avoid that one stair in the middle that always creaked.

The noise was coming from the kitchen. There was a lot of growling that sounded like Maya. I slowly tiptoed down the hall, poking my head around the corner.

I didn't see Maya anywhere. All that I saw, in fact, was a women stark naked in my living room. I stared then averted my eyes as I stepped in the doorway.

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded, lifting my bat as I stared at her face, my eyes narrowed.

She turned around to face me. Her eyes were creepy--a sort of amber-yellow color that didn't look human. She opened her mouth and a hissing sound came out.

"I said, ''who are you?''" I repeated, ignoring how creepy that sound was.

She stared at me and her shoulders, which had been tense,relaxed slightly. She opened her mouth. "M-m...m-" she said. She seemed to be having trouble speaking. I frowned, my fear starting to fade--maybe she had a mental disorder?

My voice was gentler when I spoke again. "Can you tell me your name?"

She said only one word, but that one word was going to turn my whole world upside down.


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