Marked (Loki fan-fic)

20 year old Zasha takes a midnight walk to ease her mind from her world. Little does she know that she has caught the gaze of someone observing her closely. But knowing this mischievous person just doesn't want a long look at something that he likes.

Chapter 1

Night Lure

The midnight air is alive and jubilant. The moon shines bright with its cosmic colored skies lighted with millions of nebulas. I've never seen such beauty and wonder in my life.... Especially a girl from the city. My usual nights were clouded in city lights with police sirens ringing all night long going up and down the streets. I loathed the city life and the stress that came with it. I can't stand to see another skyscraper ripping the sky or another star less night.

But tonight looked so different and a once a lifetime deal that I could not pass. As I slowly walked towards my window and with ghostly gentle movements turning the brass knobs to reveal a full glowing moon. A giant spill of moonlight came through my window and made my pale sickly skin turn into a glowing phantom pale white. I looked down upon the daisies that I had grown over the spring that swayed underneath the moonlight. Just as I looked over my shoulder I couldn't help but notice my answering machine had 20 unread messages including a stack of bills that needed to be payed. I sighed heavily and looked out to the dark heavenly space which enraptured my gaze. But this window wasn't enough to gaze upon..

".... I think I'll go for a midnight stroll." I said to myself.

I closed my window and went to change into some comfortable clothes for a midnight saunter. I didn't really care if I had to walk in my PJ's just as long as I got to go outside. As I tied my curly brown hair into a bun and grabbed my keys I couldn't help but feel a slight chill drag upon my bare neck. Like as if an ice cube was sliding down the crevice of my neck. I didn't think much of it but only a cool moist draft of air. I shook off the chill and began to make my way out of my apartment. As I locked the door and walked down the hallway I couldn't help but over hear Ms.Miyagi knocking on doors collecting rent.

" Damn!!! First of the month" I cursed quietly.

I held in my breathe and decided to face the music and walk right through her. It was either cowar back to my room or go out and and feel the night. I walked ahead and held my fist tight into balls.

" OOOOOHHH!!!! Zasha you no pay rent for first month!!!!" She hollered at me.

" sorry Ms.Miyagi!! I'll pay tomorrow." I said and quickly snuck out.

" No!!!No!!! You pay now!!!" She screamed and ran after me.

I picked up my speed and slid down the banister of a couple of stair flights while poor Ms.Miyagi just screamed like a mad women. I ran out the building and slowed my pace into an easy rhythm. The night was young and crisp! I could have danced my way through but I didn't want to end up looking like a loon. I glided through the hollow streets and made my way to a nearby park where the moon shined brighter. I was starstruck by the glowing light that captured my sight. I walked upon the dewy cut grass and followed the moonlight. The tall trees masked the moons light through its skinny branches. As I walked upon the moonlit path that guided me I couldn't help but feel that same chill once more. I froze to feel it for a moment to be sure I wasn't ill.

" crack....crack...crack..."

I turned my head quickly at the noise and peered further into the shadows of the park.

" Hello? Is any one there?" I yelled into the dark.

No one answered. Just the swaying of branches and whistles of the midnight wind. I continued my walk down the moonlighted path but heard footsteps behind me. I paused and the footsteps were suddenly silenced. I turned around and tried to look into the dark abyss.

" Look!! I'm just out for a walk! I have no money! Please go and stalk someone else tonight." I said

No sound came from the dark and everything stood still for a moment. The trees no longer swayed and the whistles died down. I looked around and the moon became darker.

" what is a fair maiden walking in the dark at this hour? With no chaperone? Scandalous to say the least..." a husky voice came from the dark.

" Who are you?" I questioned

" heheheh.... Do I frighten you Midgardian?"

" No!!!" I quickly answered back

" of course you fear me my dear.... I can smell it a mile away..." He purred

" Listen creep! Just leave me alone.. I just came out for a midnight stroll..." I proclaimed

It was silent once more and the moon hid behind a big gray cloud that covered its light from me. I decided to head back while the voice was silent and gone. As I turned the other way I bumped into something and fell to the floor.

" you Midgardians are so clumsy..." He spat

" who are you?" I asked once more. The clouds moved away from the moon and light poured out onto the cold pavement which I fell upon. The man in front of me moved into the light and revealed his face.

" I am Loki... God of Mischief and Lies.. And you are mine.." He said.

His face was pale and his eyes were a glowing emerald. His hair was the color of a ravens feather and his face was stunning against the moonlight. My eyes bulged open and I quickly got off the ground and started to run. As I began to run I felt a strong pain shot up my arm which stopped me dead in my tracks. Loki yanked my arm back into place where I was face to face with him.

" How stupid of you!! To run away from your king!! You can't run out a god my dear.... Especially me." He sneered

" LET ME GO!!!" I yelled

" not until I mark you first... Then we shall go." He said.

" Mark?? I'm not some kind of animal you can just brand!! I'm not going any where with you!!' I yelled

He grabbed my neck and slammed my body up against a tree nearby. He took my chin in his grasp and made me look into his eyes.

" you are mine and mine alone! No man shall ever touch you! Or even bare the thought of you! From now on I will be the one to kiss you... To bed you. Wether you come to me willingly or not!!! I shall mark you mine!!!" He screamed and all of a sudden a cool burning sensation came upon my neck. The pain crescendoed and every wince of pain began to knock me out.

" Now we can leave my dear.... From now on you serve me and only me! You're mine my precious!!!" He whispered into my ear.

The moonlight that once filled my soul began to darken. The heavenly space that enchanted me grew dark and weary. No light shined through and my heart slowed with every pulse. I held my last breathe and fell into a dark abyss....


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