I'm a Ghost to the One I Love Most

I'm a Ghost to the One I Love Most

I decided to write kinda hopeless love short stories. So here are some.

Chapter 1

Only You Can Save Me but You Walk Right Past Me

I'm a ghost to you. I try to follow you but you never seem to notice me. No matter what ridiculous things I do you always somehow ignore me. But you are not the only one that does that to me. The walls, I put up to everyone else, are down for you. I want you to be able to see me for who I truly am. But everytime I get knocked over.

No one else understands my pain. I know what you have gone through. It's similiar to what my problems are, so I feel like we could relate. But you're like me just unable to open up to anyone at all. Even people that are like you. We have to face the pain together. Talk about it even cry about it together. Yet whenever I turn around you aren't there. But every time you do I am there.

I hear you hum the songs you here on the radio to pass the time. I can even look into your eyes to know if you're hurt. You never have made eye contact with me. Possibly looked through me but never at me. You go to the places that I love most almost everyday. I learned so many things about you, that you would never care to know about me.

People say the worst feeling is not loneliness but by being forgotten by the one you could never forget. I say differently but we all have different emotions. I feel the most pain not getting noticed by the one you could never forget. Because at least who those who are forgotten they had been noticed in the first place.

We have been in the same class for years. Yet you have never even asked my name. Usually a hopeless love story begins with a, He had asked to borrow a pencil and I couldn't help but fall in love with those... whatever is usually written. But that never happened. I heard stories of him. My parents had knew his parents and talked about everything together yet we never talked once.

My mind forces me to stay up at night wondering about you. I wish I could just make you smile. Make you see me. Even make you say a little hi to me. But all I can do is stay behind, waiting for you to see me. I can't help but smile that one day you can see this ghost.


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