Your Funny Divergent Destiny

You may have taken my previous Harry Potter version, or the Hunger Games version, or the One Direction version. If so you know how it works!
If not, just use the phrase connected to the fact that applies to you, and make a sentence :)

Chapter 1


Month You Were Born In
Jan - I was pushed over into the Dauntless pit by
Feb - I got stabbed in the eye by
Mar - I gave truth serum to
Apr - I fell madly in love with
May - My biggest fear is
Jun - I beat up
Jul - I changed faction to be with
Aug - My fear landscape involves
Sep - I jumped off a train with
Oct - I got a tattoo of
Nov - I used a stun-gun on
Dec - I used simulation software on

First Letter of Your Name
A, B - Tobias
C, D - Tris
E, F - Eric
G, H, I - Caleb
J, K - Uriah
L, M - Jeanine
N, O, P - Christina
Q, R - Marcus
S - Will
T, U, V - Peter
W, X, Y, Z - Tori

Date of Your Birthday
1-3 - because I'm Divergent
4-6 - because I'm Insurgent
7-9 - because I'm in Amity
10-13 - because I love Tobias, he's a hottie
14-17 - because I'm in Candor
18-20 - because I might be in love with you <3
21-23 - because I'm a Dauntless, baby!!
24 - 26 - because I am very selfless
27 - 29 - because I am very smart
30-31 - because I was being mind-controlled

So, my name is Marina and my birthday is the 30th of June. My destiny is this:
I beat up Jeanine because I was being mind-controlled. That's weird.

What's yours??????


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