I'm ranting. Don't read if you don't want drama

I don't care if you read or not. It's just me ranting. Give me shit about being dramatic? Whatever. It was your choice to read it.

Chapter 1

I hate this

I feel useless. Completely and totally useless. I feel like no one understands who I am. And you know what? That's because no one does. No one understands that I am still trying to figure out who I am. No one understands that I hate being labeled, and being expected to do great things. I hate feeling this way. I hate feeIng unloved. But sometimes, I have to wonder. Do I feel this way because that's what's actually going in? Do I feel unwanted because I am? Do I feel unloved because no one could ever love me?

I've tried so hard to make things better. I really have. But nothing works. I try to write, and take my mind of things, but I always come back to the same dam/n/ problems. When I face my problems, they only get worse.

It's funny, actually, because all my life I've only ever wanted to be someone else. It's not because I hated myself. I've never hated myself. I just wanted to be in a different world, a world where there's magic, and hope, and there's somebody to love me. But then, I get jerked back into reality. How could anyone love me?

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