The Trip Through My Eyes

You will be seeing through my eyes as to what was going on to and back. I will be using my sisters nicknames that I had given them instead of their real names. I will start from the youngest to the oldest just so you guys know who is who; (only naming those who went)
Momo: 11, likes to test me by hitting on me a lot and is very bossy
Mina: 13, does same as momo and is annoying as heck. Clings to me too much
Toepeace: 14, listens to ipod ignoring us
Tunnie: 16, talks to anyone
Me: 18, quiet

Chapter 1

Leaving The House

by: 14GB
I sat on the floor finishing up a message on fb for a friend and realized that it was time to get some sleep. "Almost 4 in the morning. I gotta get some sleep." I cleared my history on my laptop, clicked the red X and shut it down correctly. I looked at my phone and seen that 5 minutes had passed. Great. I took a quick shower and put on my blue and black sweats with my super mario bros shirt. This will put less time on getting up and ready. I laid on the couch with my gray blanket and slept.

I woke up from a weird dream and seen that everybody was up and getting ready. I took my phone out my sweat pocket and checked the time; it was past 6 in the morning. Fruck! I shot up and rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I ran out the bathroom to the stairs. I didn't even bother to carefully go down sixteen steps. I jumped the thirteen, almost falling over Wolverine (our dog). Good thing he had moved before we both were injured. No time to make cereal even though it was simple. Taking a box of poptarts is so MUCH more simpler because you can carry them with you without a problem. "EVERYBODY LET'S GO!" My dad yelling was really unnecessary. It's not my fault that he wanted everybody to go. The trip was mainly to consist of my stepmom, dad, grandpa and grandma. I really wanted to stay home though. I'm back upstairs and slipping on my black, blue and purple jordans, picked up my suit case, got into my college sweater and BAM! Had everything inside the truck. "We have to go and get grandma and grandpa. Let's move it dammit!" The trunk was full of covers, the small ice chest, and FOOD! We had gone grocery shopping that night for snacks and such. "You comin', O-Lee?" Work is what she said. Course, we both knew that's not what she was really doing. I told her not to do anything too stupid because she knows how I will get her for a mistake. "I can't keep covering up for you." Before i walked out the door, i called Wolverine. He ran up to me wagging his tail. "I'll be back bro. Take care of O-Lee, Grandma Mildred and Aunty Norm, kk?" He barked loud sitting down trying to give me his paw. Kneeling down to his level, he licked me on my right cheek and whined. I ruffled his head as though there was hair on his head. I was the last out so, i had to lock the door. I hated being the last cause they always tried to leave me and i ended up chasing the car down the street. I heard the car as i locked the door and they had taken off. I always asked myself why they did this to me. And ONLY me. Whatever. I didn't walk. I didn't jog. Nor did i run. I sprinted down the street. They had the door open for me to jump in whenever i caught up. People in the neighborhood would always come outside or look outside their windows to watch. Some would laugh, feel sorry for me or just kept looking bluntly. I eventually caught up and flung myself inside slamming the door. Everyone was laughing. Even my dad didn't hesitate to laugh this time.

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