A story of life

Chapter 1


When an angel falls into your arms,
you hold it close and carefully
never to harm
but to make happy
to care for

The heavens miss her
but they smile when she smiles
They know that she is truely happy
Happy to be mortal
love to a mortal

being mortal is the best gift
being able to die at anymoment
this makes you enjoy every moment
love means more
beauty means more
everything means more, when it can be taken away

thus, you hold the angel close
never knowing if it will leave or not
the angel means the most to you
love you like you love it

love will find its way to you
you may need help
you may need to explore
you may need to wait
but it will find you, never the less

Fate has a plan for you
do not ruin it for yourself
live life to the fullest
and the true meaning of love will come


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