how words effect emotions

I am starting to like quibblo a lot more. i like being able to express myself without reprocussions. just able to say whats on my mind. and noone reads it. it makes me feel bette.

Chapter 1

the words.

how such simple, easy words can change a day. how saying "i love you" can save a life. save someone from suffering. When you have that special someone in your arms, and at the moment when you need it most "i want to be with you, i love you." how amazing the feeling is. i dont know how to express the joy and happiness i have. How all the pain and being upset, just disapears when that persn is in my arms. oh, how i could just hold her forever nad not let her go. how i feel wenever i know i will see her. my heart flutters like a child on a sugar high..but my high dosnt go away untill she does. and whn she goes, i feeel like i lost the most important thing in my life. when she leaves my arms, and has to go. i feel like my better half jus walked out. but i know i will have her back. oohh, what she means cannot be expressed in words or phrases..but by actions, and only actions. then again, i dont think any actions could show her howi feel. She has only change my life for the better. her kisses, her love, her hugs, her everything, that is my world.

We enjoy each others company, love seeing each other, love beeing there, love each other sooo much. i wish i could slow time down, and just hold her forever.

Home is wehre the heart is, yet she has my heart. she has all my love, and that will he forever and ever. Even if by some force we break away, i will always be there for her, to love her, and be there when she needs me. i will always be theree when im needed most.


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