My werewolf lover (a Jacob black love story)

Okay so this will be my second love story so I am still new at this. Please comment and rate. Thanks and enjoy!

Chapter 1

So who says I can't take care of myself

" MOM WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?". Okay my name is Sarafina Rosalee Hunters, but every one calls me Rose. Right now my mom has just told me that I am moving 1,000 miles away to live with my dad Jimmy. Supposly he lives in a stupid place by the name of La Push. I didn't like my dad what so ever. He left my mom for some tramp he didn't even know and all my mom does is " oh Jimmy just always know I love you.". I hated him. " he is your father rose. He has his rights to see you." I groaned " are you trying to ruin my life." I asked simply. " I am sure you will like it and you won't die" I replied calmly, " now go finish packing." I huffed and stomped up the stairs. I swear I wasn't going to enjoy this. It had been almost 15 years since the last time I saw him which is when I was 3. I didn't think I could live a whole year with him and not die. I huffed once more and began to finish my packing. My flight was tomorrow and I had a lot to pack for the moving truck.

------------later that day at dinner----------
"dinner is ready" my mom yelled at me up the stairs. I groaned I had finally finished two hours of packing and was finally finished. I slowly walked down the stairs to the dining room. My little brother Jace walked in saying "oh my god is it spaghetti it smells soo good.". Now Jace was a werid kid. He was in love with food I swear he would be a chef one day. He was adopted by my mother when I was 9 years old. I thought he was the cutest little baby I have ever seen. He was probably my favorite person in the world. I laughed at his great sense of smell and sat at the mom came in with the plates of spaghetti and say them on the table. She walke back on the kitchen and brought out the garlic toast that she always makes. My mom was a fabulous cook. I have no idea why my dad wouldn't want her as his wife. My mom sat down at her place and we said grace. " so Jace what are you planning on doing while I am gone" I asked him. " well write you letters call you and cook for mom." he replied. I smiled and said " okay but try some recipes to show me when I get back". He smiled and nodded. We ate and nothing was said as we ate in peace.
--------------- next day--------------
after dinner last night the movers came and got all my things. During the night I slept restlessly. So I did what I always did at times like this. I got out my favorite book and read till I fell asleep. I had woke up to my alarm clock buzzing in my ear. I got on my favorite pair of jeans and my flowing of shoulder top. I did my hair up in a elegant messy bun and grabbed my bags. I didn't want to do this but it pleased my mother. As I hit the living room floor I saw my mother throwing on her trench coat. " okay do you have everthing? Are you ready to go?" I nodded and we left. The ride to the airport was short and quiet as I went through all the things I kept hugging my mom and telling her I loved her. Finally as I was walking through the barrier I turned around one last time and waved good bye and walked through.
------------------ plane ride---------
I had to say I never thought a plane ride would be so boring. I mean the peanuts and food were good but it was boring for the most part. The person that sat next to me was a old navy war veteran. He was telling me all about his tours and missions. He told me of all his lutinets and cornals . I was quiet fasinated and was listening quite intently when the voice over the intercome said. " passengers please fasten your seat belts we are preparing for landing." . The war veteran beside me chuckled and said " maybe we can continued this story another time miss" he said to me. I smiled and nodded. I deffinetly wanted to hear the rest. I had always been fasinated by the navy and marines they were just so darn cool. My stomach felt out of place as we landed and was back to normal as they voice over the intercome spoke again " welcome to port Angeles, Washington. We hope you enjoyed flying with us! " with that we all filed out of the plane. I made my way to where I picked up my bags. I looked inthe note that my said I would need to give to the cab driver. With my bags in hand I made my way outside. To my surprise I was very good at flaging down taxis. I handed the slip of paper to the cab driver and payed. The ride there was very long. I thought the cab driver was about to kick me out because of the distance but he turned onto a dirt road instead. At first I got the feeling it was just a cabin In the woods but turned out it was pretty much a village. There were houses everwhere. A forest ran along the border and a lake was at the end of the forest. The driver pulled up I front of a house and let me out. He helped me with my bags and I tipped him. I looked at the address and sure enough it was right. I walked up to the door and knocked. I took a few minutes and finally the door opened. On the other side was a girl that was very pretty I guessed she was the tramp that stole my dad. " hello is this Jimmy Hunters' house?" I asked polietly. " yes are you must be Rose" I stopped her right there." no it's sarafina only people I know call me Rose." she looked taken aback at my outburst. "well then Sarafina won't you come in" I slowly walked in. The house was pretty on the inside. It looked nicely kept. " um Jimmy will be home in a minute he went to get groceries." she said. She must have overlooked the comment of my name. I wasn't trying to be mean but I didn't want her calling me that name like it was the most natural thing in the world. " um I am Emma" she held out her hand but I just stared at her. " listen I know that you are probably mad about me and your dad but it is really complicated" she said with a look on her face that made me almost want to believe her, " I hope one day he will tell you so you can understand." as she finished I heard a car pull up and a car door slam. " that must be Jimmy." she said and walked out the front door. We the door opened again I didn't look back. " well you've grown alot since the last time I saw you." I heard a voice from behind me. " ya well that was 15 years ago." I said back. I turned around and faced him. He looked just as he did in all the pictures my mom had shown me over the years. He sighed just as the phone rang.

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