Love As Deep As The Sea (A POTC fanfic)

Emma Tyron is the most infamous female pirate of the mid 1760's. But when her ship the Freedom is attacked by the EITC for the reward on her head, and for a certain gold and ruby locket, she needs to go to someone who can help. And that someone is none other than the drunken and infamous pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Suspicions arise about this locket, and lives are sacrificed. Emma needs to find out what this locket means, and she needs to keep it safe from the new head of EITC, Lord Gunne.

Chapter 1

Mysterious Fog

by: 68687
A/N: It is 4 years after On Stranger Tides BTW. And Lord Gunne is Lord Cutler Becketts nephew, just a different last name.

The waves crashed against the ship’s hull, making the old and barnacled wood creak. Fog blocked any view of what could be up ahead, and there was a creepy breeze.

"Steady as she goes," Captain Emma Tyron commanded. Her black captain hat's red plumes swayed north with the uneasy wind. Her long dark brown hair blew slightly on her face, and her young, yet wise hazel eyes scanned the murky water, trying to see past the grey fog.

As Captain Tyron strutted across her ship, making sure her crew were in positions should they crash into something, the old planks of wood creaked underneath her rough, brown leather boots.

The fog unsettled the Captain. Her hand was on her sword hilt, just in case. She felt as though she was being watched. She looked up instinctively, no one. She looked all around the ship, and she no one. What was up?

"Cap'n, we should steer out of these waters. They're dangerous," Her first mate Clearance Smith explained.

"Aye, change course, I don't have a good feeling about this." She responds. First Mate Clearance nods and bellows orders. The crew scurries around the deck, and Clearance takes the wheel and spins Freedom around.

The ship turns back, steering out of the fog and into the clear waters. Captain Tyron expects to be able to get out of the fog, but it seems as though it expanded. The fog kept on going on, and on. What was going on?

She pulled out her compass, and looked at the little needle. The ship came from the west into the fog, and the ship was going west again. But then why was the fog getting thicker? And not slowly disappearing?

Emma was confused. If they were heading to get out of the fog, then why was it only thickening? She walked over to the wheel, where First Mate Clearance was positioned.

"Something's up." She whispers to him. Emma and Clearance had been friends ever since the two were seventeen and they met in Tortuga.

"I agree, there's something up. It's unsettling."

"It's not that, Clearance. We're heading west, yes?"


"Well then shouldn't the fog be clearing? It's getting thicker..." Captain Tyron explains.

"I haven't noticed that. Could we be going in the wrong direction, and there's some tampering with your compass?" Clearance asks.

"I dunno, probably not. Let's just go a bit faster, I don't like this fog at all." The captain replies. Clearance nods, and orders the crew to go faster. Captain Tyron decides that she may need some rum to clear her mind. She enters her cabin, and plops down on the little bed at the end. She takes a rum bottle, bites the stopper off it, and spits it out. Emma pours the drink into her mouth, savoring its strong bitter flavor.

Emma then walks over to her table, cluttered with maps and rum bottles and other little trinkets. She sits down on the creaky wooden chair which swayed with the waves rocking the ship. Captain Tyron studies her charts, and thinks that a plan to Tortuga wouldn’t be too bad. Charting a course from where they were, which was not too far from the coast of Brazil, it would take about seven-ish days.

But when the bell which signaled attack rung throughout the ship, all thoughts of Tortuga escaped her.
They were under attack.

A/N: Was it good? I know it's short, but, hey! It's only the first chapter XD Anyways, Comment, Rate and Fave :D

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