Tonight I bury my own mom & dad. Hardest thing ever.

Chapter 1

You would think that they would be putting ME in the ground... But nope. I have to. They are only 36 and 38. The have raised me since 18 and 20. It's hard. But for Harlee I won't shed a single tear. I don't know if Harlee is going to the funeraul or not, because she is in the hospital. Her blood pressure is extremely high and her mental state is terrible. She's been there since the 3rd and hasn't improved. So I feel kind of alone right now. Tomorrow night we put Hailee and Hazel in the ground. The expected turn out is 1000 people. I don't think I can do it. There's so much pressure. Well I'm going to get ready. Goodnight, and PLEASE be safe.


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