Looking at a new year can be carefully determined through our past performance of the demands we put on ourselves to improve on who we are and how well we succeeded to reach our goals. When thinking of New Year's resolutions it is an exciting time to have the opportunity to start over. For all the things that we know we must change it is a new beginning and a chance to get it right. The question is, why do we wait for a new year to start when everyday is a new beginning.

Chapter 1

Procrastination has endangered my life.

by: annyt
Whatever challenges each of us face, we are all in the circle of life. Making choices good or bad we have the power and mental capacity to change whenever we commit. The real challenge is following through long after the feeling goes away. The idea of a new year is knowing that we have time to prepare for change and by choosing the new year it allows us to continue to justify things we know that we must improve on.
As a New Year begins the reality of change is exciting to know that this year will be the year that we won't continue to make the same mistakes. It is knowing the answers and now being committed to doing the right things. I am not sure if the thought of the new year is greater then the day it comes? All of sudden, January 1st hits and now it is time for implementing all our new goals. Do we start that day? Or should we wait till after the holiday is really over? If you think about it, what is the real harm in waiting a few more days? Just as long as we know we are going to make this the year we change all those bad habits. So the question is do we really want to change as a new year starts or are we making the same excuses we do everyday and just using the new year as our start date when we can begin change anytime we choose too. The problem is change is challenging and sometimes requires us to force ourselves to stop doing things that we just do because we are creatures of habit. Each one of us have different things we want to do in the new year, but in all seriousness it is hard to break old habits and waiting is sometimes just an excuse to not to do it at all. I am not being negative, just truthful change is hard if we are not ready to commit. So is the beginning of a new year a beginning of a new life or is it really just another day? Some may say what a negative way to think while others may agree that a new year isn't a new you until you have totally committed to changing those things that hold you back from the person you want to be. In conclusion, when we make a new years resolution are we being truthful to ourselves or procrastinating by choosing the new year to begin our new lives?

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