If i had 3 wishes

Chapter 1

My three wishes and the reason for them

Wish 1: I wish that me and my bf stay together forever. Because he means so much to me than any one else. He makes me feel loved, wanted, perfect, wonderful, etc. He is the only one i have left, without him im nothin and alone. He is the best thing i could ever ask for. He saves me everyday, its something he says that has me hangin on to his very last words. I think my heart is done bein brokin and set on fire. He knows who i really am and he's still here. He knows all my flaws and he loves them all. He knows what i go though with my mom and he understands what im goin though. He trys his best to be there for me when i need him most. And he loves me :D

Wish 2: I wish for a better life. Because my life so far is a livin hell. My mom is a drunk that i fight with bout every day. No father dnt really know why he left when i was one1/2 years old. I have no step dad anymore cause of my mom he couldnt put up with her. I had my heart broke and set on fire but hopful thats not goin happen anymore. I have many flaws that i hate. My life u can say is depressin from time to time. And most of the time i cant take any of it any more and feel like givin up completly and just leave it all behind but 1 things keeps me hangin on a little longer each day.

Wish 3: A millon dollars. Because i want to start a new life and leave my old one behind. I also want to go to collage to become a vet. Have a 2 storie house and a big back yard. Get married to my true love and have two kids. Travel to new place and live my life like i want not how my mother wants it to be. For once i want to be happy, mostly stressed free and not depressed most of the time.
Well that my 3 wishes and the reasons hope u read this far and like it bye bye.


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