Through Rose's Eyes

For WC11, I'm becoming Rose from Doctor Who! Hope the living plastic isn't as scary firsthand...

Chapter 2

The Living Plastic

Author's note: 'Cassie' is a fabrication of my own imagination, not my real name. Please don't call me Cassie. Also, I don't like Mickey.

A few hours later

I clutched the bag containing the lottery money tightly; knowing I was about to be attacked by mannequins didn't make it any less scary. Heck, kissing Mickey had been awkward enough and I'd known that was coming. I grabbed a broom off the floor and reached for the light switch.

"Oh God, I hate the dark..." I whispered, walking down the hall and twirling the broom like a bow staff. Behind me, I heard the doors slam shut. "Oh God!" I whispered again. "There's gotta be another way out... hey, Angie was right, that one mannequin does look like Voldemort!"

As if he'd heard me, Volde-mannequin turned and looked at me. I screamed and swung at him with the broom, taking his head off. "Yes! Always wanted to do that! Checking that off of my bucket list."

There was a creaking noise as more of the mannequins moved towards me. I took the arm off of one, but they kept moving towards me. I only had time to wonder why none of their shirts were buttoned (seriously, they're made of plastic! Their abs aren't hot!) when someone grabbed my hand. "Run." was all he said, but it was all he needed to say, so I ran.

I heard the hiss of a broken pipe behind us and saw the mannequins chasing us. We simply ran faster, pushing through a set of double doors and into an elevator. One of the mannequins almost made it after us, his arm getting caught in the door and groping blindly for the Doctor's neck. The Doctor pulled its arm off and tossed it to me.

"You pulled its arm off!" I said, shocked to be seeing it in person.

"Yep!" he replied, "Plastic."

"So I'm guessing this wasn't just your run-of-the-mill student prank then?" I probably should've stuck to the script, but it's hard to when you know what's really going on.

"How did you guess?" he asked as we stepped out of the elevator, "Mind your eyes," he waved the sonic screwdriver over the elevator's control panel, "They're plastic, living plastic creatures and they're being controlled by a relay device on the roof, which would be a problem if I didn't have this," he held up some sort of box-thing. "Now go on," he nudged me through an exit, "and don't tell anyone about this, because if you do, you'll get them killed." He closed the door, then opened it again. "I'm the Doctor, by the way. What's your name?"

"Rose." I replied, even though it took a mountain of effort not to say 'Cassie', my real name.

"Nice to meet you, Rose." he waved the box-thingy. "Run for your life!" he closed the door again.

So I ran, (still carrying the plastic arm, I might add) throwing glances over my shoulder every few seconds, waiting for the explosion. As I ran across the road, a car swerved around me, but I barely payed any attention.The second I looked away from the building, it exploded. I sighed. Typical me, missing all the good stuff due to bad timing. I really need to work on that.

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