Through Rose's Eyes

For WC11, I'm becoming Rose from Doctor Who! Hope the living plastic isn't as scary firsthand...

Chapter 3

The Madness Continues

I was cuddled on the Tyler's couch, a blanket around my shoulders, a cup of tea in my hands, live coverage of the burning department store on the TV, Jackie talking rapidly into the phone about how I could've died, and Mickey sitting beside me being annoying.

"You need something stronger than tea, Rose." he was saying, "Why don't I buy you a drink?"

Fighting the urge to say, "Shut up you idiot, I'm fifteen." I replied with "There's a match on isn't there?"

"What? No! I'm just worried about you, sweetheart!"

Shut up NOW, Mickey! "I'm fine, really. Just go."

"Okay! See you later," he said, jumping up, grabbing the mannequin arm off of the coffee table, and rushing out the door.

Thank GOD that's over. "I'm going to bed now, mum."

She put her hand over the phone's mouthpeice. "Okay, love! Goodnight!"
I was still Rose the next morning when that stupid white alarm clock on her dresser beeped. I pounded the snooze button angrily, wishing I could just rip it out of the wall and drop kick it across the small pink bedroom.

"Don't bother getting up early, dear," Jackie Tyler's voice said through the wall, "you've got no job to get up for."

I got up, showered, and got dressed anyway. As I looked in the mirror, I wondered if I would ever be brown-haired, silver-eyed American teenager Cassie Martin again. I'd only been gone for a day, but I already missed listening to The Strokes and getting annoying e-mails from I wanted to go home!

I was drawn out of this abnormal bout of self-pity by a strange tapping noise on the front door. Upon further investigation, I noticed weird shadows moving back and forth in front of the Tyler apartment's cat door. I quietly moved towards it across the fluffy carpet. Suddenly, my toe came into contact with something small, hard, and metal. I bent down and discovered the offender: a screw that had been pushed out of the cat door's frame. There were several more laying in the carpet beside it.

"Mum, did you ever try to fix the cat door?" I called.

"Yes I did!" she yelled back, "We kept getting strays!"

"Okay, just wondering."

I stood up and pulled the door open as fast as I could.

"Hello there!" The Doctor waved and smiled.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"You don't seem to be plastic, so I'll just be going," he replied, turning around to leave.

"Get in here!" I said, grabbing his arm and yanking him inside the apartment. "I want to know why those mannequins attacked me."

He flopped down on the couch. "So self-centered, humans. Get attacked once and suddenly it's all about them! It wasn't after you, it was after me."

"Okay, then why did they attack me at all?" I asked, moving to the kitchen and turning on some water for tea.

"You were simply in the way, Rose Tyler." I heard a flapping sound and knew that a deck of cards had just sprayed all over the living room.

"Point taken," I said, returning to the living room with three mugs of tea.

I noticed immediately that the plastic arm had returned, and its molded plastic fingers were wrapped around the Doctor's neck. I quickly set the tea mugs on the coffee table and started trying to pull the arm off my favorite Time Lord (I would've just dropped the tea, but last time I spilled hot water on my pants I think I almost passed out. I know I at least thought I was about to die). The arm detached itself from the Doctor and grabbed my face instead. I fell backwards screaming and trying to pull it off of me.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that getting your face smashed in by a self-sufficient plastic hand would not be an ideal way to die. Luckily, with the help of the sonic screwdriver, the Doctor managed to pry the arm off of my face.

"There we go!" he said, holding up the now motionless arm.

I rubbed my nose. "Thanks. That would literally be the weirdest way to die ever."

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