I have superpowers?!

Lacey Miranda both have strange powers, and never before knew how to use them. But now, they've decided to use their powers and become superheroes, and join the team of heroes knowns as the Young Justice leauge!

Chapter 1

Miranda: Discovery's

To the people reading this, I just wanna say thanks.Not many people like hearing about my life - probably because there are some people out there who want that info. *I'm sorry if you find the Injustice Leauge busting down your door after reading this, but I need to let it out: * *I am Espitos, totally epic phsycic superhero. * * I want - no, I need you to listen.* Hey, maybe you'll get powers of your own one day But now back to me. It all started on my birthday...
"Come on, Miranda! I wanna go to the mall." My best friend Kim pulled me out of the front door of school.
"Goodbye school!" I cried, waving. I lovewd school, but today was the first day of Summer. "Kim, I can't, I 'gotta go home. But we can go tommorrow." I said, and started running. She called out a 'okay' and started running to her house. When I finally reached the buses, mine was just about to leave.
I jumped in and sank into an empty seat. When the bus started moving, I pulled out my MP3 and started listening to my favorite band - Within Temptation. I was halfway through a song when we the bus stopped at my street. I jumped out, stuffed my MP3 in my pocket, and shot through my front door.
"Mom! I'm home!" I called as I hung my backpack on the coat rack. I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. I kicked off my shoes, washed off the makeup, and hid my MP3 under my pillow. - What? You can never be too careful, what with a nosy brother - I walked into my brothers room. Still not here. Slowpoke. I walked downstairs and turned on the TV, flipping it over to my favorite show, 'Supernatural'. During the commercials, I pulled my waist-length purple hair out of the braid it was in. I paused it - yay TiVo- and made myself a quick birthday smoothie. I was on the third episode in a row when my mom got home. She smiled and gave me a hug.
"Happy birthday Miranda." She said, putting a bag of groceries on the kitchen counter, which was right next to the living room, with no door and a large window with no glass.
"Hi, mom. Where's Liam?" I asked. Liam is my 15 year-old brother.
"Oh, he's at the library." she said simply.
"So he's at the arcade." I said. Mom grinned. Then she pulled three chocolate cake mixes out of her grocerie bag. "I get three cakes?"
"No," she laughed. "You get a three layer cake" I smiled, and helped mom make the cakes. Mom shooed me out of the kitchen after that. She was a decorater at a local bakery, and was great with frosting.
I went up to my room and lay on my bed, staring at the white celieng. Then rolled around and pulled something out from under my bed. It was my dad's hat. He'd served in the army, and died when I was little. I looked at a picture on my nightstand. It was my dad, smiling, holding a four-year-old me on his shoulders. It had been my birthday, and one of the only times ide been able to see him.
Just the thought of it made me cry. I was sobbing, and, suddenly, the glass on the picture cracked.So did my mirror. Pictures flew of the walls, the wooden legs on the bed splintered. What was happening? An earthquake? No, earthquakes didn't make pictures float around the room. I looked outside. Cars were rising in the air, sprinklers and hoses turned on by themselves and thrashed about wildly.
"Mom!" I cried. "Mom, are you okay?" Then I heard her. But it wasn't with my ears. I heard with my mind.
Whats all the yelling? I hope she's okay. I'd probably go up and check on her...
WHAT? No mom cant come down here, I thought. I quickly went and blocked the door. Then it all stopped. The pictures floated back to their places on the wall, Dad's photo suddenly flew back up onto the nightstand, but it was still broken.
I sighed with relief. "Never mind!" I called down to her. Then I heard the door slam. Liam was home. I wonder... I sat cross-legged on the floor and concentrated hard on Liams thoughts. Then I heard them:
Gotta find a gift, gotta find a gift, gotta find a gift,
Really? When it was his birthday, I always bought one a week early. Cheapo. But then I concentrated on Kim. Then I heard them!
Hmm..I wonder if she would like these earrings... She was probably at the mall. Then I concentrated on my bedspread. After a few seconds, it lifted into the air, touching the ceiling.Then, letting the bedspread drop, I concentrated on myself. At first, it was like nothing happened, but then I felt my head bop the ceiling. I opened my eyes and grinned. I flew around my room, laughing. But little did I know, the happiness was about to end.

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