Only Read If You Are My Friend And Truly Care About My Feelings

Have you ever had a time when you were desperate to talk to someone, to the point where it feels like if you don't get to soon, you're gonna explode? Well, that's happening to me now. I am going through a tough time, and I need people to talk to. If you will talk to me, please message me. I'm making this story to give the general feel of my problems.

Chapter 1

A Sucky Weekend

by: x_Lupa_x

For starters, all weekend, I couldn't seem to stop fighting with my mom. It started on Friday, I fell and hurt my ankle and had a limp all day. When my mom saw, she for some reason felt the need to yell at me for limping. So all weekend we were bickering.

Then on Saturday, I got a call from my grampa that my Uncle Kenny had been in the hospital with pneumonia all week and he wasn't doing well. I prayed that he would be watched over and that his suffering would end soon. Then on ''Sunday,'' after I got home from Church, grampa called again to tell me Kenny had just died. He'd had a life-long struggle with drugs that had weakened his immune system, so when he got sick his immune system just...wasn't strong enough to recover, and he passed.

While I was still crying for that, my mom came into my room to give me my laundry and asked why I was upset. I told her Uncle Kenny had just died, and she said I shouldn't be upset, I should be rejoicing because now his pain was over and he was in a better place, probably was even with my mommy now. But just because his suffering was over didn't mean I was any less sad I wasn't going to get to see him again for a long long time, maybe even never because while Uncle Kenny was a good person he still did a lot of things he shouldn't have, so I'm worried he may not have made it to Heaven.

And so I told her that, and we got in a huge fight about that and I have been trying to do anything to distract myself. Dad offered to let me stay home and I almost did, but I was scared what I may have done or tried to do if I had been home alone all day after feeling that angry and depressed, so I went to school, where I was crying all day on and off because of my sucky weekend.


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