Fighting For My Life

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Chapter 1

My Arrival

"DAMINA JACOBS YOU MUST DIE!!!" The...... thing screeched at me.

I looked around. I'm trapped! A rock wall to my back, an cliff above the ocean to my left, and a giant snake thing in front of me. The snake creature leap out of the underbrush and stuck. I jumped to my right and the snake hit the rock wall. I grabbed my bow and let arrow after arrow fly until a dozen were sticking out of its head.

"HAHA PUNY MORTAL!" It laughed.

I lunged at the snake but before I got close to it its tail hit me and sent me flying to the right. I landed on my back and felt my ribs break but I stager to my feet and look around. I'm at least 50 feet way from the creature and 20 feet away from a camp type place. I could hear the thing screech and start towards me. I stumble to the the top of a hill when out of no were the snake cuts me off.


"Screw you!" I yell at it.

This 'python' is really starting to piss me off! I grab my bow and notch an arrow but the snake charged and I jumped straight up. I land on its head and grab my sides. Python threw his head back and I was flying yet again. I heard Python gasp as I hit the ground but this time I rolled onto my feet but fell down cause the pain is excruciating.

"SO YOU ARE HER DAUGHTER!" Python hissed.

I look around and saw I'm right at the bottom of the stairs of a house and theres a sword laying right next to me. I picked it up and in spite of the pain I approached Python.

"My mother is dead!" I screamed as I brought the sword down on its neck.

The head fall with a thunk and the body erupted in a powder that smells like sulfur. I slowly walk back down the hill and people were gathered by the porch. They all gasped as they saw me. I looked down at myself and saw that I'm glowing silver! I look up and a boy with dark hair and green eyes comes forward to help me.

"Hi I know this is weird but do you know who your mom is?" He asks.

I shook my head and gasped. Pain flared from between my shoulder blades. Everything was spinning and I slumped into the boy's arms. The last thing I remember was the boy looking down on me with concern.

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