Falling way too Hard :)) (One Direction))

When Taylor stumbles on a peculiar bus, she travels half way around the world with some stange boys.

Chapter 1


"Go away!" I run as fast as I can. This drunk was trying to kiss me. What is up with these people?! First, a ton of girls tackle me for a picture with five brits. I just don't get it. Georgia isn't usually this crazy. I tried to run to a building, but the door was locked. I screamed for help but nobody came. I sprinted through two massive doors, not knowing where they were going. I saw the drunk stumble into a pathway next to the building. Dang, it was noisy in here. Wait! Where am I?! I stalked into a room lit up with bright green lights when I hear a ton of girls scream. "Oh, no! Not THESE boys again!" I whispered to myself. "Under the lights tonight, you turned around, and you stole my heart, with just one look." they sang in unison. "Ugh, same old sappy lines," I rolled my eyes. All the girls had bands on their arms..I guess they were saying that they had tickets. "Oh, gosh!" Security came searching the crowd, looking for girls without the neon bracelets. One spotted me. "Hey, you!!!! Come back here!" his husky voice gave me chills, but I sprinted for the closest door near me. It was chilly outside, but I didn't care right now. I saw a huge bus. "There's no way this door will be unlocked!" I thought to myself. Ha! I knew I was part Irish, but I didn't believe in the whole "luck" thing. The door clicked open and I shut the door quietly behind me. Security had lost me a long time ago, but I still hid under a small couch for at least an hour, not noticing that I was on someone else's bus. I must've dozed off because I woke to the whole bus vibrating. "Oh, no!" I whispered. People were talking. Boys. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me!" this can't be their bus! My sister will be freaking out by now! I slid out from under the couch quietly and stared out the window. Were we in Florida!?!?! All I saw was darkness and a bunch of Florida tags on cars. "Oi! What are you doing on our bus!?" I spun around. There were five boys standing there staring at me. "Oh, sorry! I was getting chased around by a drunk and then a door was locked and secur-" I was cut off by a boy with curls smiling at me. "What are you looking at me like that for?" I tried not to smile back. "Harry! Stop it! We've got a total stranger on our bus! This is no time for flirting!" a young lad wearing a grey vest scolded him. Harry just kept smiling. Oh, those dimples! "Wait, who are you guys!?" I folded my eye brows in confusion. "Oh, you don't know who we are?" a boy popped his head up. "No, sorry," I sat down on the couch. "Oh, well we're One Direction...uh..a band," a boy with dark hair and brown eyes blinked at me and smiled sweetly. "Oh, well that's cool! And judging by the screaming girls, you're very popular," I smiled back and waited. "Well, how did you find us again? Oh, how rude of us! Let us introduce ourselves! I'm Liam. The smart one. He's Harry as you already know..sorry about the staring, he's a bit of a flirt. That's Zayn the-" Liam was cut off by aa weird boy wearing stripes and colorful pants. "BAD BOY, YO!" he shouted. "Oh, yeah that's Louis." Louis shot me a goofy smile and I waved slightly. "He's Niall. He's Irish." I saw Niall stuffing his face with chips and cookies. That reminds me, I'm hungry. Niall smiled and waved. I smiled as my face turned a bit red. What?! Stop it Taylor! "So, what are you doing here?" Zayn asked. "Well, here's the story," I started and explained the whole story to them. "Well.." Harry smiled at me. He's a bit creepy. "Harry, do stop, you're freaking the poor girl out." Liam pushed him away. "So, what's your name, love?" Niall threw some chips at Louis. "I'm Taylor," I said. "Well, Taylor. What are we going to do with you?" Louis smiled a smile full of chips. "Well, I live in Florida. So, when will you guys be going back there?" I asked, worried. They all looked at each other. They seemed worried as well. "Love, we won't be going back to florida for about 7 months or so." Harry walked over to me. I became quiet. I didn't want to talk for a little while. "We could buy you a plane ticket back to Florida though," Zayn put his arm around me. I was only 15. I can't travel on an airplane for 3 days on a plane! I was WAAAAYYYY too shy for that. And not brave enough. "No, I can't do that," I shook my head sadly. I could just stay with them for seven months..they seem nice i guess. "You could just stay with us for a little while!" Louis brought me to my feet and took me into the other room. Alone. "It's no problem at all, love. We have plenty of room. And," He leaned in closer to me and whispered in my ear "I think Niall and Zayn have taken a liking to you anyways," I blushed at his words. When Louis brought me back into the room, the boys were giggling. "What?" Louis slapped Harry for thinking dirty thoughts. "Well, boys looks like we have a new member for a while!" the boys shouted yay in unison. I blushed when I saw Niall smiling at me. I smiled at the floor. "Wait. Are these, carrots?" I picked up a baby carrot off the floor. "Oh, yeah we were having a carrot fight," Liam chuckled. I stared at the carrot and laughed. My stomach grumbled and the boys stared at me. "You hungry, love?" Harry wrapped his arms around me and led me to food. When I found the small pantry, my eyes went wide. Cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and every other sweet in the world it seemed. This may not be such an awful trip...

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