Love Stronger Than Iron (A LOTR Love Story) FINISHED

This is a Group story that Resident_of_Middle_Earth and I are writing. It's about twin sisters that each fall in love with someone from the fellowship.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Name: Melody Undernell
Looks: Dark brown curly hair that goes to her chest, cerulean blue eyes.
Personality: Fun, shy, intelligent, loyal, stubborn
Love interest: Frodo Baggins
Family: Eden Undernell (Older Twin)

Name:Eden Undernell
Looks:curly blonde hair that ends at her armpits, grey eyes and freckles
Personality:quiet, stubborn, caring, determined
Love interest:Merry Brandybuck
Family:Melody Undernell (Younger twin)

STORY Melody's POV
I sat in the chair, just enjoying myself. I was at Bilbo's party with my twin, Eden. She was off doing something else. I really didn't know what. I looked up when I heard whistling, and watched as the fireworks exploded, and made pretty designs. I tore my gaze away from the sky, and my eyes landed on my crush, Frodo Baggins. I watched him dance, and smiled. Frodo was a close friend. That's what everyone thought. But I liked him as more. I didn't tell anyone, not even Eden. But I was pretty sure that it was noticeable. I drank some of my water, then sighed. I decided to ask Frodo if he wanted to dance. I stood up, then sat back down. I didn't think I had the courage. Instead, I started daydreaming. Which is why it startled me when the bench shook, and I almost fell. I looked next to me expecting to see Eden, but the only person I saw was Frodo. I smiled. "Hey, Frodo!" I said, cheerfully. "Hello Melody! Are you enjoying the party?" I nodded, although I really hadn't done anything but sit.

"Yeah! It's great! Especially the fireworks." It was now or never. I chose now. "Frodo, would you like to um, maybe-" I was cut off by more fireworks flying up to the sky and making a huge "BOOM!" I sighed, this time frustrated. Just when I had worked up the courage, I got interrupted. "What were you saying?" Frodo asked me. "Huh? Oh, nothing. Nevermind." No! Why did I say that? And where was Eden? She was probably off with Merry and Pippin. I was snapped out of my thoughts when a HUGE fireworks blasted into the sky, taking a tent with it. I watched in amazement when it exploded in the sky, turning into a red dragon. The dragon came soaring right towards us. I followed my instincts, and threw myself onto the ground, feeling the heat fly right past me. I looked back up, and watch the dragon explode into a nice mess of fireworks. I cheered along with the rest of the hobbits, and sat back down. "Are you alright?" I looked at Frodo. I fought the heat that was rising into my cheeks. He was worried about me! Well, as a friend. "Yes, I'm fine." I chatted some with Frodo, until I heard "Speech! Speech!" I joined in, and looked up at Bilbo. "I don't know half as many of you as much as I would like to, and I dislike some of you half as much as you deserve." I cocked my head slightly in confusion. What was he getting at. "I regret to announce this is the end." The end of what? "I'm going now." I saw Bilbo take something from his pocket and hold it behind his back. "I bid you all a very fond farewell." Bilbo disappeared. I gasped. I immediately stood up at the same time as Frodo, and ran to find Eden. "Eden!" I called out. I saw her come out from behind a tent, and I asked her "Did you see what just happened?" She nodded and said "We should look for him." I nodded and we ran to Bilbo's and opened the door. Gandalf and Frodo looked at us. "Where's Bilbo?" I demanded. "He left." Gandalf answered. "Left? Where?" Eden asked. No response. I saw Frodo holding something and I walked over to him. I looked into his hand and saw a ring. "Frodo, who's ring is that?" I asked. This ring was different. I felt it was alive. Oh, really Melody. A living Ring? That's stupid. Eden walked over and stood beside me. Gandalf held out an envelope. "Put it in here." he said. Frodo reluctantly slid the ring into an envelope. Gandalf sealed it and handed it back to Frodo. Then he stood up and got his things. "You're leaving all ready?" Eden asked. Gandalf nodded. "But you just got here!" I said. Then Frodo spoke up. "I don't understand!" Gandalf looked at us. "Neither do I. Keep it secret, keep it safe." he said. Then Gandalf left. We all stood there for a second before Eden and I went home.

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