A Cut into Reality

A Cut into Reality

This is a love story which doesn't involve vampires, werewolves, witches or any of that stuff.


Chapter 1

As the Rain Pours Down

"Get the guns and meet me in the courtyard!" Danny exclaimed to Laurel
"Now!" he yelled at her. Laurel looked at him then ran to the cabinet of the warehouse they were in to get more guns. After she got a few shotguns and handguns she crept out of the warehouse and around the building to get to the courtyard. The building was surrounded by trees, it was privately owned. They were all scientist working for the CEO of Startilings Inc. The project they were working on was classifyed but went horribly wrong.

Blood soaked the ground, and she listened closer to see if she was being followed.

"Come here you little thing" came a voice from the woods
I groaned and stood up
"Cut! Victoria look at your lines one more time. You skipped a few." I said loud enough so they could hear me from the set. Then sat back in my chair and called it a day.

I was shooting my film for my class, the film itself was going to be half of my final grade. So after I thought of what my film was going to be about, I asked the school if I can use it here and there for the location. The sides of my high school were pretty eerie, it was perfect.

"I'm sorry, Blair. I'll practice my lines tonight, i guess it was nerves." Victoria said sadly as she walked over to me. I sighed, there was really nothing I could do.
"Its fine Tori, just practice. I knew you were perfect for the part which is why I cast you in the first place." I replied back,"Take care, have a nice night." As tori quickly got her bags to leave.

After an hour of editing the script, I checked my phone to see what time it was.
"8:00! Crap.. I was supposed to be home by six." I muttered to myself and gathered all of my notebooks and headed towards the parking lot.

As I started walking past the front enterence, I realized something.
I didn't drive to school
One of my best friends, Honor, drove me because it was on her way to drop her little sister off. As I stood there and thought, I heard the front door open.

"Get home, kid! Arn't your parents worried about where you have been?" Mr. Kyle, the librarian said harshly and slammed the doors closed.
"Great to see you again Mr. Kyle!" the kid retorted sarcastically
I laughed then turned around, maybe he could bring me home?

When I turned I saw a really cute boy. He had jett black wavy hair and really blue eyes. It fasinated me how blue they really were. I knew I have seen him around the halls, never talking to anyone. Always just kept to himself, I never saw him without a book. Somewhere on him, he was always carrying a book.

He turned and stared at me. He was tan and pretty fit, his backpack was slung around his back and he looked up.
"Gonna rain, I would leave pretty soon." He said calmly then walked towards me.
"Can't. Don't have a ride." I said annoyed and pulled out my phone, texting Devin, my older brother, to come pick me up.
"What are you doing out here so late? Shouldn't you be out with your boyfriend getting wasted at Nick's party?" He said, a little coldly
"Don't have a boyfriend, and why I am here doesn't concern you. Why are you still here, shouldn't you be a dark alley smoking?
He laughed slightly
"Dont smoke, tried it once but I hate the taste." he said and stood before me. I stood my ground and waited for a response for Devin.
"Anyone responded yet?" he asked while looking down at my phone. I sighed, then heard thunder above me
"No, and I really don't want to get caught in the rain." I said, clearly this guy isn't going to give me a ride and I don't want to be in a car with him. I walked past him and sat on the steps.

"Oh, cmon! I can't just leave you here." he said then walked over to where I moved and put his hand out
"Daniel Halin" he said with a slight smile and waited for me to shake his hand
"Blair Stemming" I replied back and wore a smile on my face, and finally shook his hand. It was cold but soft.
"The film director?" He said surprised then let go
"Uh, yeah. Thats me, why?" I said curiously
"I watched your last movie, It was pretty good" He stated honestly

Before I could respond back, it started to sprinkle so I hoped up and stood by Daniel. He had a few inches on me, and tugged on his back tighter.
"I'm over here," he said and walked ahead of me
"Thanks by the way" I said nicely and walked a little faster as the rain fell harder. It was further then I thought and once we actually got to his car, I was soaked. Then I started to shiver, and wished he would turn on the heat.

As Daniel slide into his car, he looked over at me and reached behind his car to grab something. Once he got it into his hands, he handed it to me. It was a extra jacket.

"Thanks" I said quickly as my teeth chattered. I put it on and instantly smelt him. All over me, and although I didn't even want to think it but he smelt really good. It didn't smell of cheap colone but of peppermint. And I always loved those little white and red mints that I could just pop into my mouth.

I looked over at him and his hair dripping wet, he turned the car on and instantly reached over to the heat. Slowly I could feel the car getting warmer and he took off towards my house. Telling him where to turn the closer we got.

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