Gray Zone [A Star Wars Fanfiction]

Gray Zone [A Star Wars Fanfiction]

Chapter 1

Aldir Scorpio [Written by SinceTheBeginning]

Aldir Scorpio stood as still as the trees of Endor, his mind buzzing with excitement as he gazed at his master through his blue eyes. Count Dooku was talking to a creature in a strange language, which Aldir couldn't pick up on. The only thing the Sith Apprentice could catch was something about a Jedi Master. That alone made Aldir excited.

Count Dooku finished talking with the thing in the cloak before turning towards Aldir and strode towards him. Dooku then grasped Aldir by his shoulder and pushed him towards their starship. Aldir moved his feet in front of each other willingly for his Master.

Count Dooku was Aldir's savior. When the young boy thought all was lost, Count Dooku swooped in and saved the day. Dooku was Aldir's father, in a way. He respected him, would die for him, would kill for him. And Dooku saw this and used it to his advantage, claiming Aldir as his apprentice.

Aldir was in the copilot's seat of their Starship, the captain showing him how to control the ship if he ever needed to escape from a deathly situation. Aldir was a little peeved that the captain doubted his abilities, but knew it was for the best.
The captain grew uneasy as the air in the room seemed to be filled with electricity, no doubt caused by the young apprentice. Count Dooku entered the room then and directed his words to the captain.

"Set the coordinates to Coruscant. The fastest possible way." Aldir looked into the dark eyes of his master.
"And you. Come with me." Aldir rose willingly and followed him out.

"Yes, master. "

Count Dooku took Aldir to the room he'd be staying in until they reached Coruscant, which was quite a distance, seeing as they were in the Outer Rim and Coruscant was in the center of the Galaxy.

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