The 76th Hunger Games

What happens to Alia McLausen, 12 year-old tribute of District 4, who hates the idea of being a Career, gets into the games, no one volunteering because they want to see how well she does in the Games. (Pretending that Katniss' rebellion failed, and this is the 76th Hunger Games) Visit my profile for chapter 2!!!

Chapter 1

The First Day

As I was raised into the arena, I took a quick scan of the place. It was a long strip of grassland, with the Cornucopia in the very middle. Many weapons were in the cornucopia, along with some food. there were blue, grey and green backpacks around it in a spiral.
Across from me was a dense forest, and behind me was a lake, not providing much shelter.
I made my decision as the timer reached twenty: I would grab the three backpacks closest to me, and run for the trees, as they were the only sense of shelter.
I took off as the gong rang, and grabbed the backpacks. Two in one hand, one in the other.
As I took off, I heard a spear whizz past me. I grabbed the spear as I disappeared into the trees.
I kept moving in one direction until I found a small pond I sat down a on a rock that was completely concealed by bushes, and went through my packs.
In one pack, there was a set of knives, some beef, a bag of nuts, and a pouch for holding water. In another, there was some sturdy rope, a set of paint for camoflauge, and some bread. In the last one, there was a foldup spear shaft, some extra spearheads, and a thin, warm sleeping bag.
It was getting dark, so i crawled under the bushes and into my sleeping bag with my packs for shelter from the wind, and fell asleep, wondering what the next day would bring.


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