The Bounty

Five young CIA Special Operative teens are trained to be the best. But, on a routine mission, the squad accidentally kills the leader of an elite drug reign, and Garrison Elway and his team have a million dollar bounty over their heads with the amount raising every week.
Where can you hide when thousands are looking for you?

Chapter 1

Extreme Special Operations Recruits

Name: Garrison "Garri" Elway
Age: 17
Appearance: Wavy auburn hair that just reaches eyebrows, cobalt blue eyes with gold flecks, tan skin, tall and lean muscled.
Domain: Special Operations[Hand-to-Hand]
Skills: Strength, speed, agility, athletics.
Greatest fear: Water

Name: Emmet "Haker" Harkness
Age: 17
Appearance: Short dark hair, blue eyes, tall, fairly slim but muscular, usually wears an ankle-length black coat.
Personality: He is impulsive, brilliant, witty, has an explosive temper, is vengeful, hotheaded and stubborn. Has almost been expelled from the agent-academy on many occasions for constantly disobeying orders, but they haven't got rid of him because he is such a star student in all other ways.
Domain: Special Operations[Infiltration]
Skills: Brains, Killing, Code-breaking, Lying,
Greatest Fear: Being found out...

Name: Violet "Colors" Blue
Age: 17
appearance: blue eyes, dark brown curly hair that's always in a ponytail, short, tan skin, slender
Domain: Special Operations[Disguises]
Skills: can think in intense situations, quick, agile, climbs well
fear: Fire

Name: Skylar "Duckie" Swan
Age: 16
Appearance: Soft sea green eyes, wavy light brown hair, 5'5, pale, slim/slender
Domain: Special Operations[Communications]
Skills: Sweet talking, looks like an angel so people quickly trust her, Clever, Great At Hacking, Her Looks Deceive People, She Can Talk Her Way Out Of Anything.
Fear: Heights

Name: Dimitri "Russi" Katin
Age: 16
Appearance: emerald eyes, jet black hair, fair skin, a slight build
Domain: Special Operations[Explosives]
Skills: deceiver, good at disguises, a runner
Other: he's Russian, so he talks in Russian to get out of things a lot

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