I Love You(a Sasuke lemon)

This is a Sasuke lemon.So if you dont like Sasuke or lemon stories,GET OUT!!!!!!!!That will be all,and plz enjoy.

Chapter 1

I Love You

Name:Shuketsuakuma(bleeding demon)Misaki(killer)
Looks:This pic but with the cursed mark
Where I'm living:Orochimarus hideout
What I call Orochimaru:Master
What I call Sasuke:Mi lord/lord

"It's time to wake up mi lord."I say shaking Sasuke a little.He groans and turns over."The master needs u."I say trying to get him up more."He's going to be really angry at both of us if u dont get up.""Fine,fine.Just leave so I can get dressed."he says groggaly and a little annoyed.I smile,set his clothes down,and leave.I shut the door,and wait outside.A few minutes later,he came out.He walked past me and headed towards the dinning room.I walk his room and straightened it up.I walk out and shut the door behind me.I walk to the dinning room and sit down at the far,far side of the table,drinking my coffe.While Orochimaru's talking to Kabuto,Sasuke stares at me.I look up at him,and stare into those deep black eyes.Orochimaru saw me."Akuma u b***,I've already told u not to stare at Sasuke!Now go away!Nobody wants u here u bastd!"he yells."Ye-yes m-master."I say,about to cry.I get up and walk to my room."Lord Orochimaru-"Sasuke starts."U dont have to be so mean to her.I was the one stareing at her.""Why would u stare at
someone who's so ugly."Kabuto says.Orochimaru nodded.Sasuke got up
and headed to my room without saying a word.He knocked on my door."Co-come in."I stamered.He opened the door and walked in.He sat on my bed,and his hand on my back."I'm sorry.It was my falt.Could u forgive me?"he asked,stroking my cheek."Y-yes mi lord."He kissed me on the cheek and walked out.I blushed madly.

(2 months)

I was cleaning the table when Orocimaru came up to me."Akuma,me and Kabuto will be gone for 3 months starting today.I need u to take the best care of Sasuke as u can.If I hear that one thing has gone wrong while I'm gone,u will have no meals,and only water for a month.Do u understand me?""Yes master."I say,hiding my joy that he was leaving."Good."he says.He walks out,and when he's out of ear shot,I jump up in the air screaming,"Yes!Yes!Gone for 3 months!Wahoooo!!!!""Well,well.U seem happy."Sasuke says behind me.I turn around shocked.My shocked expression turned into a plea."Please don't the master,please!?"I put my head down.He walked up too me and hugged me."Of course I won't tell him.I don't want u to starve."I looked
up to see those big black eyes."I hate the b
*** too."he said,brushing his thumb aginst my cheek.I blush and chuckel a bit.2 hours later they were gone.I was laying on my bed,my eyes closed.I hear the door open."What
is it mi lord?"I ask,my eyes still closed.He walked in and sat on my
bed."Somthing that will rebuild my clan."He put his hand on my stomach.My eyes shot right open.I sat
up,and looked at him in horror."U dont really mean-?"he nodded.My
face was red,and I was breathing heavily.His hands cupped my
cheeks."Why are u so red?"he asked.My eyes looked down,then he
smashed his lips aginst mine.I tried to pull away,but his hands were
holding tight to my face so I coulden't move.After I got used to it,I slowly closed my eyes.He licked my bottom lip,asking for entrence.Since I had to give him what he wanted,I opened my mouth.He explored every bit of my mouth.He finnaly let go.My face was even more red."W-why d-don't u have K-Karin."I studdered.He licked my cheek and went to my ear.His
hot breath made me shiver...in a good way."She's not as beautiful as u-
"he licked the rim of my ear."She's a fan girl.U know how much I hate
them.And she doesn't understand me like u do."He nibbled on my
earlob,then sucked on it.I pulled away,and shook my head."No,no.I'm
just a servent...now leave me alone."I said standing up.I went to the
bathroom,and locked the door.I leaned against the door,and slid to the
ground.I started to cry.


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