Omeagle Competition!!!!

Deets in chapter 1!

Chapter 1

Competition Rules!

So, there is this website called Omeagle where you talk to complete strangers. And what I want you guys to do is talk to them. Sounds easy? Well, to get the prize, you have to make the conversation awkward. The most awkward conversation gets the ultimate prize!!!! What you have to do is talk to as many people as you can, and find the most stupid convo. Then save it somewhere. After that, write in the comments that you have a convo to post. This is a group story so I'll pass it onto you and you can copy and paste it and submit the chapter. Got it? Okay, here are the rules:

1. You can't insert a topic that the website can find someone who has the same intrests. Just click the chat button without typing an intrest.

2. NO VIDEO CALLS!!!! Why? Well, you can't put a video in a story (d'uh!) but I don't want you guys seeing perverted people. I care about you guys!!!!!

3. It's up to you if you want create fake information about yourself when you talk to someone but keep in mind that a lot of people on Quibblo will see this. But, again, it's up to you!

4. If you know there are swear words in the convo, just bold a letter in it Example:

Now the prizes!! Rubbing hands together
So there is only one prize but I assure you it's a good one!
Alright, I have two stories; Red Jeans (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story) and Not Over Yet (A Hunger Games Story). Choose your favourite story and when I finish the latest chapter, I will not send any invites, but will send you a messege. What's gonna be in the messege? That I have a new chapter of that story out and you get to read it first! After you read it, send me a messege back saying you've read it and I will send out the invites to all my friends.
What, not satisfied? Okay, I'll give another prize with that one. If you've read my Niall fan fic, Up In the Air, the last chapter could not be submitted. But if you choose, send me your e-mail and I will e-mail you the last, top secret chapter! I think that should do it, lol!
Closing Date: 11/8/12 (A saturday) So this gives you a week and a bit to get your awkward on! Any questions can be sent to me through comments or private messeges; any is good! Now, go on!


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