Quinn Grey

Quinn Grey is your normal teenager. a messed up mom and no father, he and his brother Z go to live with there uncle and that's when they realize there true destiny.

Chapter 1


I'm cold and wet. I have no idea where I am. I look up and all I see are two yellow eyes coming towards me. I look around and try to find something to defend myself with. The best thing I see is a broken two-by-four. It will have to do. I get into a defensive stance and ready myself for the attack I know is coming...


I'm sitting in my French class trying to keep up with Mr. Jenks. I hear the loud speaker beep. "Quinn Grey, please come down to the front office with all of your things." Mr. Jenks looks at me then starts writing me a hall pass. I put my notes in my backpack and walk up to his desk. He hands me the pass and gets back to the lesson. I start the walk to the office. The halls are clear and I start towards the stairs, trying to think of why I would be called to the office. I hadn't done anything wrong and I don't have any appointments. My mother wouldn't come and get me unless it was an emergency. I start walking faster. What if it was... no. Anything but him. Zayus. My older brother was all had in life. My mother was on drugs and I've never met my father.

I get to the office and open the door. The assistant principal is waiting for me, a grim look on his face. He put his hand on my shoulder, "Quinn, I'm very sorry to have to tell you this.Your mother and brother have been in a car accident. Your brother is in the hospital but isn't in critical condition. Your mother, on the other hand passed in the ambulance. I'm very sorry." I looked from his face to his bright yellow tie. I had to look at least a little sad. I'm glad that Z is ok, and truthfully I couldn't care less about my mother. She was never a real mother in my life so I just can't be sad to see her go. I look back at him and ask "can I go to the hospital to see Z?" He looked down and kind of half smiled. "Of course you can, I'll take you there myself." We got in his car and left. It was only a half hour ride but it felt like hours.

It was a very awkward ride. I didn't talk because my principal was driving and its just weird. He is probably not talking because he thinks if he says something wrong I'll will have a break down or something. Well, that's not going to happen. We arrive at the hospital and I'm told what room Z is in, 237.

I go up to the second floor and find his room. I knock and hear him cough before he says"come on in Quinn." So, he was expecting me. I walk in and falter in my steps a little. Zayus is lying on a hospital bed with an IV in his arm and gauze wrapped around his head with blood showing though. He laughs a little,"oh, come on u wuss, its just a little blood. Im fine it doesn't even hurt anymore. Get over here and give me a hug." I walk over and gently give him a quick hug because I was afraid of hurting him." Its ok, " he laughs " I'm not that breakable, just a little beat up right now."

Z sighs. "But I have to explain something to you. Since mom died and we're underage we have two choices. We can go with uncle Zane or we can go with foster care hope to stay together. Considering we are both older, you being fourteen and me at sixteen, It will take longer get adopted. If we could stay there until I'm eighteen I could take us out and to live on our own but the chances are low. Before you make your choice I would like you to meet our uncle. He will be here in ten minutes so you can hang here with me until he gets here." "Uhhh... yeah, OK." I mumble. I'm not sure I will like him. Uncle Zane is on our fathers side, supposedly. Zayus believes him but I'm not sure. Well, at least Z has meet the guy, so if he still trusts him then I guess I can give him a chance. But still..."Why are you so quite over there." Z asks, interrupting my thoughts. "Oh nothing i was just thinking." I say trying not to sound nervous, but it doesn't work. Z smiles, "yeah, ok. that sounded so convincing." He said sarcastically.

There was a knock on the door ending all conversation. I look to the door and Z looks at me, "you ready?" I nod and Z says in a louder voice "come in." The door opens and I see my uncle for the first time.

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