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Chapter 2


Guys I'm alive, I was doing this Caring for the Cancer Kids event. I haven't been one for one week and I'm prounced dead by who?! I'm be oned pissed that someone would do that! I was never going to deleted my account yes I mined you that I was getting messages that said this. But I'm sorry I haven't been on. I didn't think I need to tell you my personal life but you want to know?! Here it is.

1. I was on vaction in Ireland!
2. I moved to Ireland!
3. I traveled to see One Direction!
4. I was planing the Caring for the Cancer Kids event!
5. The event turned into a week event for how many Band, Youtubers, and Actors that had came!.

But sorry that you guys were tricked but some stupid a*sshole I know some of you got messaged by. WeWantYouDead. Those are the people who make fun of me! I know they hacked my account somehow.. But I can't believe people think all of this is a big joke! Its not ok!? I don't have any friends where I live yet so how do I have a best friend?! My old best friend lives in Wheeling.

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