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Stuff about me and Sora

Chapter 1


by: GaleXJada
Name- Gale Fowler

Birthday- 12-25 (christmas)

Age- 14

Favorite t.v show- Dr. Who

Favorite movie- Kid Frankenstein

Location- EveryWhere

Favorite food- Su-Shi

Pets- Ermine, Tamashi-Taburu-Mono

Family- Mom, Twin sister(desesed), 15-year old sister, 16-year old sister, 17-year old sister, 18-year-old sister(desesed), 19-year-old sister

Favorite thing to do in free time- cook

Job I want- i dunno

Weight- 167 pounds (muscular)

Hair- soft brown

Piercings- one in my left ear, i don't wear earings hardly ever

Favorite Animal- Otter

Place I want to live- Wales

Tats- 3, one on my stomach, one on my chest, and one on my foot

If you have any questions feel free to message me or comment! :)

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