The dreamer

Chapter 1

Rude awakening

The ground shook beneath my feet, it was time. Do or die. I pulled out my knife as the large beast came barreling out of the shadows and let out a mighty-beep beep I groaned, rolled onto my side and smashed my hand down on the snooze button, my dreams were always interrupted. I yanked on my clothes, brushed my teeth, and lazily pulled the comb through my. "Sophie!" my mom screamed. Shoot, the monsters were back. I sprinted down the stairs nearly tripping. I let out a sigh of relief it was just a vampire, nothing a pointy stake couldn't fix. But this vampire wasn't half as pretty as the ones in Twilight with all the glitter and hairspray. It had blood and spit foaming at the mouth, its yellow eyes darting around nervously, fangs so sharp they puntured its lower lip drawing some kind of purple goo. I slowly approached it as it zeroed in on my mother, I spun it around and staked it. Next thing you know I have nothing but a pile of ash at my feet. If only it was as easy as killing monsters to be popular in high school.

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