Lady Gwillyn's Academy: Extra Stuff

Lady Gwillyn's Academy: Extra Stuff

Well, first off, if you haven't read my story,
then you won't really understand any of this. If you have, go ahead!
There are character profiles, links to my drawings of the characters, songs, a link to a map of the Academy, and more random things. I dunno, I just kinda felt like doing this. :P

Chapter 1

Links :D

by: Alastor_
Map of the Academy:
First Floor:
Second Floor:

Just so y'all can see what it looks like.... :3

Drawings of the Characters:
Google Images pics of the Characters: (Four of the pictures on this page aren't related to my story.

(This is all I have so far. I'll update this chapter when I draw and edit more pics.)

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