England, Prussia, and Spain's Pirate Adventure!

England, Prussia, and Spain's Pirate Adventure!

A cosplay I did with Fiona and her sister Faith, This is how it went down...
England (Da Captain) - Fiona
Prussia (second in comand!) - Me, the Prussian Julie!
Spain (um, just spain,) - Faith, Fiona's little sister if you didn't know,
Oracle of Jeremy - Fiona's Dad
Monster Thingy - Odie, Fiona's dog
Mermaid - Some random old lady on the street who looked at us weird
America - An idea we had, or Eric Vale, whatever...

Chapter 1

Prussia Found A Map


England collapsed on his bed, really tired, as the door bell rang "UGH! What's with everyone annoying me! I'm so tired!" England sighed getting the door. "WHAT?!" He shouted. It was Prussia.
"ENGLAND! Guess what awesomeness I found!!" Prussia shouted.
"sigh what?"
Prussia whipped out a treasure map, which had three paths. "BEHOLD THE AWESOMENESS! There must be great treasure awaiting us at the end!" England woke up.
"WOAH! that looks fierce! It really must have great treasure!" England said, now smiling.
"Well, shall we go? It's been a while since our last treasure hunt!" Prussia said.
"Yes, well, we first need to get Spain, do you know where we can find him?" England asked.
"RIGHT HERE!" Spain said, jumping out from behind Prussia. "Hola!"
"Oh, um, okay, I guess we all are here," England said.
"Shall we go?" Spain asked.
"Yeah, hold on a sec!" England said rushing in the other room.
"Hey, America!" he called. Little America ran up to him.
"Yes, Mr. Britain?" He said.
"I'm gonna be gone for a while, I'll be right back!" England explained.
"What? You can't leave me here! I'm young and weak, and I need someone to learn from!" America cried.
"Don't worry, I'll be right back!" England said, and left the room, meeting up with Prussia and Spain.

"Okay!" Prussia said. "We need to figure out where it starts!"
England, Spain, and Prussia thought, "I know!" England Exclaimed. "If X marks the spot of treasure! What's the opposite of X?"
"Um, I guess it would be O, maybe because of Tic Tac Toe, or whatever," Spain said.
"AWESOME! That means we need to find an O! Wow, it's even on the map!" Prussia exclaimed.
"Oh, that must be it over there!" England said, pointing to an O nearby.
"Okay, now I think we should figure out what trail to fallow," Prussia thought. "We should probably take the shortest route, like right here!" Prussia pointed to the shortest trail of dotted lines (and yes, that was meant to sound that cheesy)
"No, no, no, no, we can't do THAT we'd only get to the treasure faster!" England said.
"Um, England, isn't that what we want?" Spain asked.
"No way! The joy is in the journey! so, we'll do that route, yes, but we'll do it three times, and then BAM! We got the treasure! simple as that!" England concluded.
"Oh, NOW I see, let's go!" Spain shouted happily, and ran around randomly.
England leaned into Prussia and whispered, "And, if all else fails, we can blame it on Spain"
Prussia smiled. "And THAT'S why you're the captain!"

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