At Last (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

At Last (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

Hey you guys this is my first story and im kinda excited havent really done anything like this so hope you enjoy and can you pleeeaaassseeee leave comments at the bottom so i can know whether to keep going or stop
Year: 1982
Name: Nikki James
Description : Age-20 tall-5'7 curvy a little heavier than others but not muchlong legs light skinned (mixed) long brown hair brown eyes

Chapter 1

So This Is How It Feels

buzz buzz you hear your alarm clock go off "Oh Shoot, im late for class" you think to yourself. so you rush and put on some new clothes and run towards your next class. you bust through the door and you hear your professor speaking at the front of the class "Glad to see you could join us Ms. James could you please find your seat" he says with his back towards the class. you quickly find a seat in the back of the class. ... at the end of class you head off to your next one and your best friend, Alex, since third grade (when she saved you from the bullies) comes yelling and running towards you with a creepy clown smile. " hey girlie guess what." you stare at her like she has completly lost her mind "i got us tickets to the Michael Jackson concert ". You are still staring at her trying to process the good news she has just told you " Oh my Goodnes, How did you get these?" you start to scream, excitedly "My cousin works at security there and he got us some tickets" you two start jumping around and giggling while headed to your next class. you too took the rest of the day planning what your gonna do on saturday... Later That Night.... a group of friends decided to come over and yall had a small get together. you look around at everyone while you are sitting by yourself and Alex is sitting by her boyfriend. She looks at you and starts to come and sit by you "whats wrong why arent you having any fun?"she ask while looking sincerly worried "well "you start " it just seems like everone has a boyfriend or girlfriend and im just by myself" she looks around to see what you mean "Yea well why do you go get you a boyfriend?" you start looking down " well because im, well im just so-" 'Honey " she interrupst you "if you say fazt im gonna hurt you " you start to look her in the eyes "well i am" she sits closer to you and says clearly"you are not fat trust me, and if you wanna change yourself then change your clothes or hairstyle or something like that because you are beautiful and i dont want anything to change that" you look her in the eyes"do yuo mean that" "yess" she says quickly " now go and mingle with people'. you take her advice- she always knew how to cheer you up. .... later that night... when your sleeping you think about some of the things that she said and decided to go wtih it.... next day(saturday) you hurry to get up and wakeup your best friend in her room. you two head to the mall to find some new clothes for the concert. you decide on yellow shorts and a read top with a yellow jacket and belt legs while your friend decides on a blue short tight dress . You knew that yall would look awesome! Because your dress came with acessories you didnt have to get any but Alex did so yall went into the store and found the perfect jewelry to match her dress. So while she was paying you decide to head out of that store and find a new one for shoe when you bump into this guy with a hooded jacket. "Oh im sorry" he sayswhile you try to find his face under his hood he starts to bend over and help you with the stuff that you just dropped "Oh its alright" you bend down to help "Im not usually this clumsy" he catch a glimpse of his smile "No its fine i ran into you" you start "No i ran into you " he argues "Nope im sure it was me" you start to giggle "well " he begins "why dont we settle this another time?" "um sure" you say with a loss of words. Alex starts to cometowards you and the guy "well hi" she says while interrupting "oh hey alex this is ... "oh Im Michael" he shakes her hand " hey im Alex and this is Nikki who seams to have forgotton how to talk" she starts to laugh "well i gotta get going " he says "so Nikki would you call me?" he says while handing you his number. you nod and giggle "bye" he says and starts to walk away "byyyyeee" you say while waving in the most love shot way . "Wow see what miss missy cought" she says looking at you "Haha shut up" you say while giggling with her. ...That evening getting ready for the concert... "hey Nikki do you want to eat beffore we leave?" "nope i do not want stinky breath when i meet Michael" yall start to laugh "If we even get to get close to him" she stars. you have nerver been this nervous in you whole life. yall start to head out. You guys decide to walk because it was only a block away, but on the way there while a lio was passing by it splased you and Alex with water. "oh my Goodnes, what the hell?" you two start to get sad. the limo starts to reverse "What did you come back to do more damage ?" Alex starts to yell at the limo "Come on lets try and change before its too late" you try to turn her around someone steps out of the limo "I am so sorry" he says you and Alex turn around to see who said that." Oh my gracious Lord up above" Alex says in the most shocked tone. "its. its. its you . your Michael Jackson" you say surprised "Yea and i am soo sory for ruining your clothes." "Its not a problem" you say . he starts to take off his sun glasses "Nikki, is that you?" you start to look confused "how do you know my name?" you say confused and suprised "dont you remember its me Michael, from the mall" what the Hell is this for real ? you start to think to yourself " umm umm are you serious?" "Haha yea" he says with the sweetest tone. " why dont youguys get in and ill try and find some dry clothes . were you headed to the concert?" you still being in sock look to Alex to answer "um yes we were" she says "ok good, then ill be able to get you some clean clothes before it starts" "yea.umm"she clears her throat "yea that would be great!" "well come on in he sayswhile opening the door to the limo. Alex starts to move but it seems like your feet were glued to the ground so alex nearly pushed you into the limo. "Wow" she starts "this is the inside of a limo?" Michael looks aroud "um yea haha i guess so". you were sitting there trying to process this in your mind "wwwwoooowwwww" you come out of no where. " so your the guy i met in the mall" he looks up at you "yea i guess you couldnt tell because of the hood and all" "yep thats it, it was that dang hood " you say like you just made a discovery. so you ride to the nearest clothing store and get some clothes and michael decides to sit in the front so that you and alex can change clothes "I cant believe you got to meet Michael before me" she says laughing "and to top it all off he likes you" haha "me either, I didnt think that any boy would like me especially Michael Jackson!!" you two start to giggle and dont notice that Michael pulled down the screen Just enough so that he could hear you "so do you like him?" Alex ask "yea hes cute and nice, why do you think he rally likes me?" "hell yess, seei told you that boys like you, you even got the one and only Michael Jackson to like you and that my friend is huge!!!" you start to really think about it on your way to the concert. Michael decides to role up the screen after hearing all he needed to hear. They arrived at the concert and there were alot of screaming fans. you and Alex couldnt get out because the doors were locked and you rolled down the screen door and barely could see Michael getting out and you ask the driver "um excuse me can you unlock the doors so me and my friend can get out" he turns around with a happy look on his very handsome face "im sorry ma'am but he told me to take you backstage" you start to smile and tur around to your friend and starts screaming and dancing. You make it backstage and Michael was no where to be found you go up to someone "hi we were with Michael can you show us where he is?" "um yes he told me to look out for you two" the woman said politly. she showed you a waiting room right on the side of the stage so that you could see everything!!!..... (TBC)

how did you like it?!?! I hope you loved it even though my writing is kind of icky and bad but leave a comment in the bottom oh and dont forget to rate it Thanks - Kirsten

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