Is it too much to want to be understood? (BXB)

Chapter 3

First Chapter.

Bleu lay on his floor, he stared at the ceiling, wishing he could burn a hole right through the cold, deep blue color of the plaster ceiling. He wanted to see the stars. He wanted to hold a boy, A boy he loved. He chuckled inwardly about that thought. "No one will ever love me. I'm a freak, A worthless freak. Who would love a boy that can't talk?" He thought to himself. Tears began to roll down his smooth,perfect, clean white cheeks. The deep pain inside of his chest was there again. The loneliness, the emptiness.

"Supper is ready dear." His mother called up the stairs for him. He violently wrote out "I'm not hungry." on a piece of paper, folded it up into a paper airplane and threw it down the stairs at his mother, then he quietly shut his door and laid back down. He slowly put his earbuds into his ears and turned on some NeverShoutNever. "Thank God i'm not deaf." He thought to himself. He closed his eyes and let the music sink into his brain. His breaths became slow and long. Before he could realize it, he'd fallen asleep.

Bleu's eyes fluttered open to the small chirping of birds right outside of his window, He carefully pushed himself up off of his floor and made his way to the window, stretching all the way there. He blinked quite a few times and rubbed his beautiful gray eyes. He batted his long eyelashes and leaned his head on the side of the window as he watched the birds fly by and make lovely noises.
How he wished he could sing like them. How he wished he could soar threw the air like them. "Maybe then someone would love me." He thought.

His eyes ended up finding their way to the large clock on the wall and he about jumped out of his skin at how late he was going to be, his first class was at 10AM and it was 9:45!
He bounced onto the pad of his feet and dashed too his closet, he quickly dug threw the clothes and found a Queen band shirt and just decided to wear the sweat pants he had on.
Once he was dressed he rushed to the bathroom and quickly ran his fingers through his tangled,matted,messy hair, he brushed his teeth as fast as he could, slid on his toms and as soon as he grabbed his backpack he dashed out the door.

[Sorry for the short chapter. Comment if you want more. If I get 5 comments all from different people I will put the first kiss in the next chapter.]

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