The life of a werewolf.

the new and improved :D

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

One night my life changed, i never asked for this and i sure didn’t want it, i never expected to be turned into.....a werewolf.
One night i was walking home from work and i was taking the long way home, through the bush trail, purposely taking my time, i knew i was going to get into trouble, my mum was the worse mum anyone could have and my sister was her favourite, then i heard a growl from behind me and i turned to see what it was but nothing was there so i kept walking, i looked up and saw the moon in its perfect sphere and wondered what other tricks it might play on my tired brain, there was another growl and i turned but still nothing was there, i turned to keep walking only to be stopped dead by a giant dog, it was growling out loud now it took a step forward dust puffing out from under its heavy paw i followed its movement but in the opposite direction, the wind blew hard from behind me and it took a sniff of the air as if to try and smell something then it looked back at me and now it looked hungry.

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