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Hey friend and people's just some websites you might like to try if your ever bored.

Chapter 1

Ch. 1

It's supposed to be a mentally stimulating website, and has subjects on EVERYTHING. I go on there because of all The Beatles stuff on there like whats every Beatle song or can you guess this song without any hints.Just stuff to make you think, you know.

Like very detailed dress-up. If you make a account you can save the stuff you make and write stories and vote on other peoples creations.

A giant warehouse of Beatles fan-fiction of every genre, even sci-fi. If you love reading fan-fic there's plenty here and if you write it you can send it in and have yours up there too.

I know it sounds like a boring website your elementary teachers made you go on but it has really addicting games that don't involve numbers.

Sorry if I bored you but this is pretty much all I go on.If your ever bored you might as well try them.

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