What do you cut with(repost)

Chapter 1

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what do you cut yourself with?: safety pin and spray it with hair spray and mechanical pencils mostly,but also box cutter razor glass hairpins etc
 how long have you cut yourself?: since my5th birthday
 how old are you?: 14 1/2
 are you emo or goth?: both
 what muisc do you listen to?: most music,but my favorites are BVB BOTDF Mayday Parrade P!nk Panic! At the Disco etc
 why do you cut?: the physical pain is a release from the emotional and the blackout effect is a escape from the physical
 were you ever abused?: by my family? Yes by my friends? Yes 
were you ever beaten up?: yes, I know how to fight back
 where do you cut?: my wrists,thighs,tummy,but I avoid major veins/arteries unless I'm tryin to kill myself(I ain't tried killin myself for a while though)


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