Can't Help Loving You (COMPLETE)

First story! Excitement! Hopefully y'all like it. For those who don't know me or haven't figured it out yet, I'm in love with Snape. So here's a story about my hero.

THIS STORY IS NOW COMPLETED. Check out my other creations if you like it!

Chapter 1

A Whole New World

Run. Don't stop. Don't panic. Breathe. Run.

Cassi clenched her eyes shut as she raced toward an extremely solid-looking stone pillar. A short, kind lady had told her that this was the only way to get where she was going, but Cassi had never really trusted people. And yet here she was, barreling headfirst toward a stone wall on the suggestion of a complete stranger. Sensational.

Even though the lady had sent two identical boys (probably her sons, since they all had the same red hair) through the barrier first, their sudden disappearance hadn't done much to reassure Cassi. However, if the train left without her, she wouldn't have anywhere to go but back to her "home". And she wouldn't risk that for the world. So she kept running. Her eyes still closed, she suddenly felt her surroundings change. She stopped, then slowly opened one eye-

And had all she could do not to gape at the scene around her, because now it was completely different.

Gone were the impatient Muggles, standing about and arguing loudly with each other. In their place were wizards and witches, some in robes and some in Muggle clothes, some with funny pointed hats and some without, some old and some her age. Gone was the dirt and grime of King's Cross Station, with its dirty and grimy engines and dirty and grimy conductors. Instead was a station much like King's Cross, but without the grunginess, and with a single gleaming red train with letters spelling HOGWARTS EXPRESS in gold along the sides. Gone were the faded tan signs reading "Platform 8" or "Platform 17". There was only one sign here, and it read "Platform 9 3/4". Cassi spun in slow circles, staring at everything she could take in with her big gray eyes. For the first time since she had received her letter of acceptance from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the full import of what was happening sunk in. "I'm....I'm actually here," she whispered softly to herself. "I'm here, waiting to leave for Hogwarts just like Mum and Dad, to learn to do magic like them, and maybe....maybe there's a class for self-defense...." Her voice trailed off as she tried not to think about things that would ruin this day for her.

She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that when one hand landed on her right shoulder and another on her left, she jumped and gave a little squeak before whirling around. It was the red-headed boys from earlier.

"Hello," they said in unison. "First time?" She nodded mutely.

"This is our third year," they said together. The one to her left said, "I'm Derick Weasley, and this here's Riley." Here Riley interjected indignantly, "Oy, I'm perfectly capable of introducing myself, thanks. And if you insist on giving out my name, at least give out the right one." He turned to her and smiled. "I'm really Wesley, and this is my idiot twin Bernard." Cassi looked from twin to twin, not sure who to believe. Their names probably weren't even Bernard or Derick at all. After a few seconds, the twins burst out laughing. "Just messing with you, love. I'm George-" she noted he was the slightly taller one "-and I'm Fred." His hair was a little longer than the other's. They both gave funny little bows, and Cassi couldn't help but smile. They reminded her of monkeys with their elbows and knees sticking out everywhere. At her smile, Fred looked over to George and remarked, "I think she's laughing at our good manners, mate."

Not wanting to appear rude and scare off her first friends, the smile instantly vanished and she shook her head frantically. The twins started laughing at her again, and Fred said through a chuckle, "Teasing again. I can see we'll just have to get you used to being teased." He threw her a wink, which earned him a small, relieved smile. Just then the whistle blew, signalling five minutes.

"Oy, Freddie, let's stow the lady's trunk for her." "Right you are, Georgie-" and up went the trunk. "Any more goodbyes to say before you board?" inquired Fred. At the shake of her head, George cried, "Then what are waiting for? Off to Hogwarts!" Inwardly laughing, Cassi followed as they led her to an empty compartment. She couldn't believe the changes that were happening so fast, but if she continued to make friends as good as these, she knew she'd do just fine.

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