Kill Zone

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Chapter 1


"Benny. I'm hungry." a small child drags her feet, attempting to keep up with the boy ahead of her. The boy stops and turns around. His eyes scan the garbage filled street before kneeling down to the child's level.

"I know. I am too. I'll find us some food. Okay?" he hold the child's face and presses his lips to her forehead.

"Can we stop now?"

The boy sighs and stands, lifting the little girl up and placing her on his back.

"Not yet."

Twilight was soon. He knew that. He started walking, the girls arms choked him, but he ignored it. The street was hot, even for summer. Garbage filled the gutters while long dead cars litter the asphalt and the sidewalk. Buildings crumble and buckle while ivy takes advantage of their weakness and crawls up the walls. Weeds poke their ugly heads up from every crack in the pavement.

The pair walked on. Closer to the heart of the city's corpse.

"You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy, when sky's are gray." the small girl sang. Her voice was weak and cracked. Exhaustion, hunger, and thirst had wrecked her body. She had golden hair that seemed to create a halo around her delicate heart shaped face. She looked nothing like her brother. They couldn't be more different, except their eyes. They both had strange eyes. Chocolate brown with a violet rimmed iris. To go along with his strange eyes, the boy had a strange look. His hair was cut short in a way it spiked up naturally and swooped to one side. The tips of his hair had been dyed bright blue. His features were defined. Chiseled almost. He was attractive, but he had a dark air about him.

"And you'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take, my sunshine away." he finished for her.

"Benny I'm tired." she said, resting her chin in his hair. The boy sighed again and stopped walking. He looked around at all the buildings. His gaze came to rest on an old pickup truck, one of the few cars that still had doors. He walked over and slid the girl off his back, opening a door and watching her struggle into the drivers seat.

"You know the drill for a car. I'm going to find some food." he placed his hand behind her head and kissed her forehead before closing the door. The girl nodded, leaning the seat back until she was out of sight.

The boy walked down the street, watching the sky slowly turn from a pale dusty tan to a dirty pink. He saw what was left of a supermarket and walked up to the front door. The automatic doors had lost power and were wide open and motionless. Inside was still slightly illuminated by the fading sun. He stepped inside and looked around.

The walls were covered with vines while the floor was filthy. Upturned shopping carts and fallen shelves crowded the floor space. He knew to stay in the light. He starts sifting through the ruble.

The boy walked back to the truck, holding a small bag of nuts and a bottle of water.

"Pike. Open up." he knocked on the window. There was no response. He looked through the window, cupping his eyes. The truck was empty.

Dropping the food he turned around and tore the street apart with his eyes frantically.

"Pike?!" he yelled, creating a megaphone with his hands, "Pike!"


The call was weak, but it was there. the echo came from a few blocks down the way they had come earlier.

"Pike!" the boy started sprinting. His decaying shoes slapping the asphalt as unforgiving pieces of rock and glass dug into his feet. He rounded a corner, skidding across the road and using one hand to keep his balance, cutting his palm on a stay piece of a knife.

A small shape was standing in the middle of the street a block or so down. He bonded down the road towards the girl. Pulling her forcefully into his arms and cradling her like an infant, holding her close to him.

"What the hell were you thinking?!"

"I dropped Cindy."

He could feel a small rag doll dangling out of his sisters hand helplessly. He lifted her up and looked around. The sun was setting. The shadows of the buildings seemed to be rushing at them.

"Hold on. Don't let go." he whispered.

Holding onto her tightly her fled down the street, running from the shadows. He turned down a still light alley and stopped short just in front of an old rusted gate. He looked back just as the sun dipped under the horizon.

To cold white eyes bore into his from the end of the street. They we're surrounded by black flesh while the rest of the face was snow white, except the large, gaping black mouth. The face belong to what used to be a little girl. Only a year or so older then his sister. You could see every one of the things bones through it's pasty skin on account it had only a small strip of cloth tied around it's wrist.

"Benny what is it?"

"No. Don't look Pike." he whispered shakily, pressing his back against the gate and holding his sister tighter. "It's going to be okay." The girls body trembled despite the strong grip he had on her. The white, hairless head tilted slightly. It's arms extended outwards like it was going to ask for a hug. It's hands we're black with dried blood while it's long yellowed and broken finger nails were caked with it.

The next few minuets seemed an eternity as the light slowly faded from the alley completely. The creature chirped slightly, a sound that crossed between a croak of a frog and the caw of a crow. It's arms bent and the legs braced themselves as it prepared to charge.

A rattled whisper parted the girls lips "Benny I'm scared."

The monster sprinted towards them, faster then human abilities would allow. The boy closed his eyes and hugged his sister tightly, he waited. And waited.

Slowly he opened his eyes. The scene in front of him played out in slow motion.

A figure dropped from the roof top above and landed crouched in front of them. Dark red hair fanned around the shoulders like a waterfall of blood. He realized it was a girl. She stood and thew her arm up. A small dagger flew from her hand and found a new home in the moster's skull, right between the eyes. The creature flew back from the impact and collapsed on the ground, a forming puddle of dark green blood under it.

The girl turned to face him and his sister. She wore a black leather jacket along with black leggings. Her dark red hair was almost to her hips. Her face was hidden by a solid white mask with slim eye holes and a line for a mouth, the top of the mask pointed into two cat ears.

"Who are you?" He said, not daring to move a muscle.

There was no reply.


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