Moving in Harmony: One Direction Fanfic

Chapter 1

Will you join the band?
One Directions makes music with a fan backstage. Can we expect to see a new face on stage?
Who is the lucky fan that got to rock with 1D?

I sat in the uncomfortable chair in the waiting area in the office of Simon Cowell. The air smelled of coffee and the lights were quite dull. The receptionist was a middle aged woman, she typed on her keyboard and answered calls. I scanned the room and wondered why there were two clocks. Each ticked away the seconds, but what bothered me so much was the fact that either one clock was too fast or slow and neither in sync with the other.

'Ta-tick! Ta-tick!'

I nervously tapped my foot. Why had I been summoned to Simon's office? Was it because Niall Horan and Josh Devine had given me free tickets and backstage passes? Oh gosh! It probably was! Niall said it was okay though!zo

"Harmony Jones, Simon will see you now," the receptionist tells me. I nod and nervously walk to the office, knocking before I enter. Simon sits at his desk, staring emptily at his computer screen, he turns to me.

"Sit," he tells me and points to a chair. I do as told and wait for him to talk. He stares at me instead. I don't know whether to stare back, but I don't, instead taking to examing the wall behind him.

"Do you know why I asked you here?" He asks me.

"Because Niall amd Josh gave me free tickets?" I say though my voice ends it like a questio.. He stares at me and I anxiously itch the palm of my hand and bite my lip. This is fricking Simon Cowell and he's staring at me the way he does that can make macho men curl up in fetal position and cry 'mommy'. He opens his mouth to say something horrid, I know he is, he probably wants to see me in tears because that's what he does, makes people cry, but then he surprises me.

He's laughing at me. Laughing! Wait. Why is he laughing?

"No, the boys can do that if they want," he finally says through his chuckles,
"But I suppose those tickets did play a hand in how you got here."

"They did?" I ask, terribly confused.

"Yes. While going through the footage captured so far for the boys' upcoming movie, there was a few clips of you singing and playing your guitar with Josh and Niall. You all interacted as though having done this for years together and not just an hour. You picked up on songs quickly. You are no simple guitar strumming little girl, huh."

"Uh, yeah... Not to toot my own horn, but yes. I learned the guitar in a matter of days and could play dozens of songs by the time I had been playing for two weeks. I'm what you would call a child prodigy," I tell him.

"Yes, I know. I saw the magazine articles on you. I also saw you turned down chances to appear in songs with some of today's biggest singers. Why?"

"Their music didn't challenge me, give me joy, mean anything, or even make me tap my foot in rythym. It was obvious they didn't put thought into the songs they wanted me to play in. They just wanted the privillege to say they worked with me," I tell him.

"Who would you like to work with?" He asks.

"Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs. These boys make good music. I wouldn't mind working with One Direction and Josh Devine some more. I mean, the music I got to make with them backstage was fun, I was not only tapping my foot, I was dancing," I tell him. He smiles and nods.

"I was hoping you would say something along those lines," he tells me as he leans back in his chair, "see, our current bass player is nothing important, he is good enough. But he is middle aged and lazy. He doesn't catch the fans' fancy like Josh and Paul and Lux do."

"And why would that matter?" I ask.

"It's good for the image and franchise. It shows the boys have a loving and friendly side. It shows unity! The bassist is hard to relate to though and forgettable. That is not unity."

"Well it probably helps that Paul is like a father in a way, their 'babysitter' who watches and guides them. Lux is the lovable baby who the boys can't get enough of. Josh is the other brother they love," I shrug.

"And the bassist?"

"Is the stranger that no one knows. It's not even the fun kind of mystery," I shrug.

"Exactly!" He smiles, "and well now we will get to the main point of this appointment. Harmony, I want you to play with the boys."

"What?" I ask, my heart beat is pumping hard against my chest.

"Please don't make me repeat myself," he says.

"Of course... I just... Wow. Why me?"

"You're young, pretty, and the boys like you. The fans will be able to connect with you and the band's image of unity will be complete. So what do you say? Are you in?" He asks as he pushes a manilla folder to me.

"I, uh, yes! Definitely yes!" I exclaim as I take the folder and he smiles at me.

"Hope to see you at the concert rehersal tomorrow night," he says and dimisses me from his office. I walk out of the office and stop as I realize I'm so excited, I'm about to cry.

"Do you like making people cry?" I ask him as I turn around. He looks up at me and smiles.

"Someone has to be brutally honest," he says and I laugh before I close the door and leave.


A/N: How was that? Should I continue this story?

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