Happy Endings Aren't Real...Can You See?

Wheat I would think happen if Naruto and my OC Sydney Riddle , Harry potter character, met.

There's a twist at the end... (Chapter 2nd)

Chapter 1

It's All A Lie

Sydney Riddle stood over the dead body of a muggle. Blood across her face.

What have I done? I'm just like my father. I'll never know friendship, and love. Happy Endings are a lie.

The red-head heard footsteps running towards her, as she fell to her knees. What fool would come into the Forbidden Forest? she thought to herself. A soft smile play across her pale lips, as she knew the answer.

A small gasp came from a person behind Sydney. The redhead tilted her head a bit to the side, not enough for the people behind her to see her face, or vice versa. But enough to show she knows their presence.

They're probably shocked from the dead muggles around her. One thing led to another, and she had killed them all. It was as if she just blacked out, and woke up to this. But it was obvious she did it.

The girl chuckled, then smile and chuckled some more. Till' it was full blow laughter.

She stood up, and turned to the people with a big grin on her face.

"Here's a big clue about life right here in front of you! Happy Endings aren't real." She snorted. The boy Naruto, whom she met a month ago from accidentally coming into her dimension, glared at her.

"You promised! You promised you wouldn't hurt people anymore! And you broke it!" He was angry.

The promise-breaker sneered, "Please! You act as if it isn't apart of life! It's all a big fat f...ing cycle! If something you can't control happens to you, everyone will just hate you. They'll never truly be your friend, because they're terrified of you. And love? That's just a chemical reaction inside your body. No one truly cares."

Gaara, a red-haired Sand ninja, spoke up, "Yes they do. Everyone eventually makes their friends. Like Naruto taught me. You have to believe for anything good to happen."

Sydney snorted, the blood on her face, made her malicious smirk even more intimidating, "Oh REALLY? Let me guess Gaara. You for a while believed you'd make friends. Did it happen? No. See what happened was you gave up, because no one loved you. It took Naruto to hit you in the face to make a friend. All because you had , for a beautiful time of life , had something that made you realize the true reason we're here today. To kill. To die."

Gaara tried not to glare at the bloody face, as she hit a nerve inside of him. And she knew it.

"See. Everyone, will never have a happy ending. All they do is die. How happy is that? But you see, it's a lose- lose situation. Dying isn't a happy ending at all. Neither is living forever. Because eventually you go crazy. Unable to die. Unable to slice your throat, bleed. You take it out on others. Envious of their pain. Envious of their death.Dying isn't a good thing, but neither is immortality." The girl let out a laugh. "Of course YOU wouldn't know anything about it."

Naruto snapped at her, "Of course death isn't good! That's why you make the most of it, while you can! That's why you dream, and have goals! Because in the end, it's worth it! All the accomplishments that are remembered! And even in death, you will be love-"

The monster interrupted Naruto, "Loved? Then name someone that if I was in death, they would love me. Hm? That's right. When You love no one, no one loves you."

The blonde boy replied angrily, "What about Anya, Karma, Owl, and Blair?!"

Sydney snorted, "They left after I cut Anya's head off."

A few looked horrified at what she just said. And Sydney... Laughed. And laughed. She couldn't stop laughing.

((Author's note- Yes. Sydney is crazy.))


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