Hetalia High School

Hetalia High School


Chapter 1


Name Julie

Favorite Character America

Favorite Color Blue

First day, how ya feeling? AWESOME!! (That's cuz im goin to HETALIA SCHOOL!)

First friend while there? Prussia (Wow, my awesome feeling is rubbing off!)

First Crush Lithuania (Um, o-okay,)

Who do you sit by in Math? Chuck Norris (WHAT?! when did he get there?!?!?!)

Who do you sit by in Science? Germany (DUITSU!!!)

and China (Ni hoa!)

What about History? Belarus (O.O oh dear god, no,)

English? China (We got another class together!)

and Prussia (Booya! my best friend!)

Who was in your lab goup in science? (1) France (I'm scared as to what science he's gonna teach,)

2 England (AND France? haha! I wanna see this!)

3 Japan (Okay, the only serious one in the group)

Time for Gym! You... kill people with the lacrosse things (YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!)

LUNCH TIME! you sit with... Allies (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

They talk about The History of Grass (...really? well, I actually see me and my friends doing that if we have a reason too, long story,)

Who walked home with you? Japan (He's polite!)

Graduation! Who killed a bird with their hat? America (Oh, America :) )

Who didn't pass? Japan (hm, maybe not as smart as I thought...)

Who Got Drunk and Killed Everyone? STEVE (Oh, i should have known!!!)

What was your final grade? 41% (How did I pass then?)


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