What Am I? (A Camp Half Blood Story)

OK, got bored. Wanted to create a Camp Half Blood story and here it is. Please comment every so often. Love to hear from you guys! Might post one chapter every one-three days.

Also, when you see this at the beginning of a chapter :NOTE! that means watch out! That chapter could have some violence in it or abuse. When you see that, make sure to read carefully. Sometimes, the part of violence will be bolded. But, other times it might be curical to the story, so please read it. Thanks. MeganMay

Chapter 1

Character Things :) (Must put in here)

Name- Alexus Rayn
Age- 13
Parent (God)- Athena
Parent (Mortal)- David Rayn
Personality- Tough, strong, smart, wise, strategic, brave, fun, kind, not very outgoing.
Looks- Long brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and loves to wear guys clothing
Likes- Being away from her father, Silence to think, her bow and arrows, being out in her woods to shoot her hand made targets
Dislikes- Being near her father, not being outside, her father yelling, abusement by her father.

Now, onto the story :) >>>> (Hint: Click next chapter)

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